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Undergraduate Admissions

Jonas Clark Hall - Clark University

A Winning Combination

The basic elements that make up Clark University—our Small size, Urban location, Liberal-Arts focus, and Research orientation—may not be unique on their own, but in combination, they create a University with a one-of-a-kind learning environment.

Small + research

It's rare for a university of Clark's size to offer such robust research opportunities to undergraduates. In fact, the opportunities Clark students have taken advantage of—research expeditions to Siberia focused on climate change, team-based projects on cloud computing, literacy studies in the local community—would, at other universities, normally be reserved for graduate students. At Clark, you have the chance to work with peers, graduate students, and professors on projects in which you share an interest.

We house a number of research centers and institutes right on campus, focused on everything from Holocaust and genocide studies to improving public policies, where you can engage in intellectual pursuits that intrigue you and connect you with inspiring researchers. At Clark, you will be encouraged to make an impact in your field even before you graduate.

Liberal arts + urban

Many liberal arts universities are set in remote locations, making it difficult for students to engage firsthand with the societal issues they study in class. This is not the case at Clark. Our urban location means students have the opportunity to put their valuable liberal arts skills and knowledge into immediate action (and our leafy campus is beautiful, to boot). Students use their cultural and global perspectives—as well as their ability to work in teams, communicate clearly, and think critically—during internships in Worcester public schools, and collaborations with local business owners and community organizers.

With its growing business infrastructure and enhanced arts and cultural scene, Worcester—New England's second-largest city—is changing rapidly, and the Clark community has been instrumental in many of those changes. The city enjoys a positive relationship with the University and is receptive to the energies and ideas of our students, making it an ideal place to practice effecting change at the local level.