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Internships and Career Exploration


An internship is a practical work experience that enables you to gain knowledge and skills within an organization, industry, or functional area that reflects your academic and professional interests. Internships can be paid or unpaid. It is also possible to receive academic credit for an internship, and to intern abroad.

Clark's Career Exploration Program (CCEP)

Clark University formally supports a comprehensive, four-year, career preparation program for its students. At Clark, we are committed to helping you compete successfully in today's marketplace, realize a satisfying career, and lead a rewarding life. The Career Exploration Program will help you prepare for life after Clark through early investigation of career options and graduate school opportunities.

CCEP will assist you in:

  • discovering your strongest interests and skills
  • exploring a variety of possible career paths and learning what skills they require
  • developing plans for internships, full-time employment, graduate and professional school and beyond