Undergraduate Admissions

Campus Visit Checklist

Use this checklist while visiting Clark—or any other college or university—so you can find where you fit best.

Before You Come to Campus

  • Are there aspects of Clark—perhaps a particular academic department or student activity—you especially want to learn about while you're on campus? Let us know when you book your visit, and we'll do our best to make it happen.
  • Read over our visit options to decide what combination of activities is best for you. Check out our campus visit calendar to see what will be offered on the days you'll be here.
  • Prepare questions to ask throughout your visit. Be as specific as possible and really consider what is important to you.

While You're on Campus

  • Check in at the Admissions Office first—we'll have your schedule ready and make sure you're all set with parking.
  • Ask lots of questions of many different people—not just the tour guide; the more opinions you collect, the better picture you'll get of campus.
  • Eat in the dining hall—you're welcome to do this on your own, or we can arrange for you to have lunch with a Clarkie. Be sure to ask about this when you set up your visit.
  • Get a feel for campus life by checking out campus activities scheduled during your visit.
  • Ask about buildings and facilities that may not be on the official tour and consider visiting them on your own; ask students and staff in the Admissions Office for advice and directions.
  • Request email addresses for professors whose classes you've visited and liked—and don't forget to follow up!
  • Visit the dorms where most first-year students live.
  • Bring a camera and take pictures at your favorite locations around campus.
  • Talk to students. Ask questions about classes or life on campus.
  • While you're at the Admissions Office, flip through publications there about everything from the city of Worcester to Clark's history. Get a copy of CLARK Alumni Magazine (or read issues online) to see what our graduates are doing.

Suggested Question Topics

Here are some topics you might want to ask about while you are here.

  • Academic requirements
  • Types of special projects students can complete
  • Study abroad
  • Campus life
  • Residence halls
  • First-year experience
  • Assistance with the college transition



If you have questions, or need help planning your visit, please call the Admissions Office at (800) GO-CLARK / (800) 462-5275 or email us at admissions@clarku.edu.