Undergraduate Admissions

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Campus Safety and Wellness Resources

Wellness Outreach

The Wellness Outreach Coordinator (WOC) provides education to the campus community on issues of health and wellness. In addition to working with individual students, the WOC sponsors and supports a wide variety of on-campus programs and topics such as eating awareness, drug and alcohol use and stress management.

Health Services

As a primary care setting, Clark University Health Services provides acute illness care, gynecological and contraceptive services, as well as health counseling and education. The professional Heath Services staff includes nurse practitioners, registered nurses and part-time physicians. Students are also referred to a number of excellent specialists from an extensive referral network.

Counseling and Wellness Center

Clark University Counseling and Wellness Center' primary purpose is to help students overcome interpersonal difficulties that develop into obstacles in the attainment of academic and/or personal goals. We view the college years as a critical period of accelerated intellectual and emotional growth, and are here to support students as they negotiate developmental tasks, and cope with intense levels of academic and social pressure.

Campus Safety

Campus safety is a top concern for many families as they look at colleges, and Clark works very hard to educate our students and ensure their safety. Campus police officers are fully trained, equipped and empowered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition, we have an extensive "blue light" phone system across campus to ensure that students are never far away from a phone with a direct connection to the station. We provide services so that students do not have to walk alone at night, including several escort vans that will bring students anywhere in a quarter-mile radius around campus, as well as a foot escort service which will walk any student who requests it anywhere on campus. Campus officers have also completed training for campus-wide emergencies, and Clark recently implemented a campus-wide notification system to ensure that students, faculty and staff will be notified in a timely and efficient manner about any incidents or emergencies. Finally, University Police offers several crime prevention programs throughout the year to educate students about safety and security on campus.

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