Undergraduate Admissions

U.S. Transfer: Transferring Credits

Up to fifty percent of Clark's degree and major requirements may be accepted in transfer, which means you may transfer up to 64 credits (or 16 Clark units.) You must complete a minimum of 16 Clark Units at Clark in order to receive a Clark degree. This can be completed in a variety of ways, but would take 4 semesters using a typical 4 unit per semester course-load.

What credit system is used at Clark?
Most semester-length courses at Clark have the value of one unit, equivalent to four semester hours (credit hours) of credit. A minimum of 32 units is needed for completion of the Clark bachelor's degree, and students typically take four courses per semester. In accordance with common transfer practices, credit will be awarded on a prorated basis for students transferring into Clark from institutions that operate on a different credit system. Approved courses that carry 3.0 semester credits will receive .75 Clark Unit in transfer. Courses that are on the quarter system will receive .75 Clark Unit for 4.0 or 5.0 quarter credits and 1.0 Clark Unit for 6.0 quarter credits.
What classes will transfer?
Most liberal arts courses taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities will receive Clark credit provided the student earned a grade of C or better. All students are provided with a transfer credit evaluation at the time of admission. Independent studies, internships, and remedial or vocational coursework are not transferable to Clark's curriculum.
How is class standing determined?
Your class standing will be determined in the following manner:
  • 0-7.99 units = first-year standing
  • 8-15.99 units = sophomore standing
  • 16-23.99 units = junior standing
  • 24 or more units = senior standing
Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation
You are welcome to request an online preliminary credit evaluation. Complete the form as requested and submit it. It will take approximately two to three weeks to process your request. Once received, the Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation should be treated as an estimate of transfer course credit. All students will receive their official transfer credit evaluation upon being admitted to Clark.