Undergraduate Admissions

U.S. Early Decision: SAT/ACT Optional Policy

Beginning with students applying for the fall 2013 semester, Clark has instituted an SAT/ACT optional policy. We will no longer require all applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores; instead, it is up to applicants to decide if they want to submit scores or not.

At Clark, our review of applications for undergraduate admission is designed to consider multiple dimensions of a student's educational background and life experience. This holistic review process identifies students who will be successful in an academic setting and who are likely to develop the competencies required to ensure success as college students and as productive citizens over their lifetimes.

We encourage applicants for admission to submit test scores if they believe those scores are a good reflection of their potential for success at the University. For those students who choose not to submit test scores, other considerations (rigor of their high school course selections, grade performance, recommendations, writing skills, and non-academic attributes) will be given greater weight in our review.