Undergraduate Admissions

International Transfer: Transferring Credits

International students applying for transfer admission from colleges and universities outside the United States are required to submit their academic records to a credit evaluation service (see below) to receive transfer credit and advanced standing from Clark. All costs associated with these evaluations are the responsibility of the student.

Since overseas educational systems, requirements and credits differ from those in the United States, we ask you to contact these agencies in order to assist us in granting you appropriate transfer credit. Applicants who fail to submit their academic records to an evaluation service will be considered incomplete and will not be considered for admission to Clark. International students transferring from U.S. colleges and universities may submit their U.S. transcripts directly to Clark.

Suggested Credit Evaluation Services

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
Tel: 414-289-3400
Email: eval@ece.org

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)
Tel: 202-296-3359
Email: ies@aacrao.org

World Education Services
Tel: 212-966-6311
Email: info@wes.org

Educational Perspectives
Tel: 312-421-9300
Email: info@edperspective.org

Center for Educational Documentation
Tel: 617-338-7171
Email: info@cedevaluations.com