First-Year Intensives

First-Year Intensives (FYIs) allow you to explore, in depth, various issues and subjects. Intensives focus on helping you develop core academic skills that will enhance success in later Clark courses: reading, writing, speaking, thinking, and debating. You will have the opportunity to choose from nearly 30 different topic-focused courses, each of which fulfills a Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) requirement. All first-year students are required to enroll in a First-Year Intensive.

Former Dean of the College explains why FYIs are an integral part of a student's academic experience.

Elliot Altbaum '14 and Elizabeth Harwood '14 talk about the FYI "Making a Difference".

Students in the FYI "Baseball and American Society" played a vintage baseball game.

Instructor Micki Davis and her Peer Learning Adviser, Amelia Angevine '12, discuss their roles.

First-Year Intensives are typically limited to no more than 16 students, which allows you to start your Clark career by developing a close relationship with both a professor and a small group of students who share at least one of your intellectual interests. You may select from three types of FYIs: topic-focused, introduction to a discipline, or research-intensive. In certain FYIs, your lab or discussion section will provide the intensive interaction with peers and faculty. In most cases, your FYI professor will be your academic adviser until you declare a major.

First-year intensives change from year to year.