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November 2, 2015
Traditional and new media alike love to opine about Millennials, and in many cases a generational divide, whether real or manufactured, rears its head. Recently, the Los Angeles Times' Chris Erskine, who writes the aptly named "Middle Ages" column, ignited the Twitterverse with his provocative piece, "Millennials, you...
Jonas Clark Hall - Clark University
December 15, 2015
As millions of college students break from classes to spend time with their families, a common conversation they may hear at holiday gatherings will focus on perceptions about their generation, insisting that emerging adults are impatient, lazy, entitled, not loyal, and inseparable from social media. Not so, according to...
Clark Poll 2015 social media
November 9, 2015
There are those who think emerging adults won’t seek out or even accept jobs where they would be blocked from using social media during the workday. They’re wrong.
Jonas Clark Hall - Clark University
August 23, 2010
Professor of Psychology Jeffrey Jensen Arnett has struck a national chord with his studies on “emerging adulthood,” a term he’s coined to describe the phenomenon of young men and women delaying their commitment to careers and relationships.