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Planning Your Next Hall Council Program

It's easier than you may think!

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Have a question about programming? Contact Alicia, the Directors of Programming.

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The great thing about RHA is that it is IN EVERY HALL! RHA has 8 different Hall Councils in each building. RHA is also proud to announce a hall council for the houses.

Click on each hall name to see what each hall council is working on!

Wright Hall | Bullock Hall | Dana Hall | Hughes Hall | Maywood Hall | Blackstone Hall | Sanford Hall | Johnson Hall | Dodd Hall | Clark Houses


Hall Council Job Descriptions


  • Runs and organizes meetings
  • Serves as a liaison to the RHA e-board and attends big house meetings
  • Holds hall council members accountable
  • Sets an example for the rest of the hall council members


  • Monitors the hall council's funds
  • Fills out fund request forms and reimbursement forms


  • Takes notes at weekly meetings
  • Emails minutes to RHA E-board Director of Administration and the rest of the hall council members

Programmers/General Members

  • Comes up with programs and follows through with putting them into effect
  • Brainstorms ideas for programs
  • Assists everyone with their duties

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