Support Resources

The resources found on this page are to assist you as a Clark University student or family member. If you are facing a problem, concern, or conflict , or looking to take a leave of absence and are not sure where to begin, please contact the Dean of Students office.

Dean of Students Office
Alumni and Student Engagement Center (ASEC), Suite 214

Student Excused Absence Policy

Occasionally, students may miss classes for a short or long period of time. This policy helps explain resources and support for students who miss classes.

Review Policy

Student Leave Policy

Students enrolled at Clark University are expected to maintain continuous enrollment with the exception of the summer break. However, we understand that it will be necessary or desirable to take a leave of absence for a period of time. Students who are thinking of taking a leave of absence, should contact the Dean of Students office, ASEC 214, 508-793-7423dos@clarku.eduPlease note that a leave of absence is granted for a semester at a time. Students may take a leave of absence for 3 consecutive semesters but must contact the Dean of Students office to extend their leave each semester. If the student has not returned to Clark University after 3 consecutive semesters, students will be administratively withdrawn from Clark. A student who is granted a voluntary leave while on academic and/or disciplinary status will return to that same status. Students are encouraged to directly consult other administrative offices on campus, including your academic adviser, financial assistance and student accounts to discuss implications of taking a leave of absence.

Voluntary Leave of Absence

The university recognizes that for various reasons students may want to interrupt their enrollment at Clark to take some time off and the student may request a temporary separation from the university. To request a Voluntary Leave of Absence, please contact the Dean of Students office and schedule a meeting with a dean. You will also be asked to complete a request for leave of absence after your meeting.

Medical Leave of Absence

If a medical condition has precipitated your need for a leave of absence, you may apply to take a Medical Leave of Absence. To do so, please read the Medical Leave of Absence Policy and then schedule a meeting with one of the deans in the Dean of Students office. Medical Leave of Absence Policy:

Review Policy

Study abroad

Leaves for the purpose of studying abroad are arranged through the Study Abroad office.

Advance Registration

When you take a leave, your course selection for the coming semester is automatically canceled. After you notify us that you are returning you will need to reach out to your faculty adviser to discuss class registration. If you are unable to contact your faculty adviser, contact Academic Advising at 508-793-7468 or

International Students

If you are not a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States, your visa may require that you be a full time student. If you take a Leave of Absence, you will no longer meet that requirement. You must obtain authorization from the International Students and Scholars Office before you take a Leave of Absence.

Withdrawing from the University

If while on leave you decide not to return to Clark at all, you should contact the Dean of Students Office which will provide you with the appropriate form for withdrawing from the University.

Return from Leave of Absence

In the semester during which you are on leave, you will receive a notification from the Dean of Students Office asking you to verify your plans for returning. An email will be sent to your Clark email address asking you to either indicate that you plan to return, request an extension of your leave, or notify us that you are withdrawing. It is important you respond to this email, as it serves as the required written notification of your intent to return to active status or to extend your leave. Responding to the email helps us keep track of your status and to ensure that you get the appropriate information to facilitate your enrollment. Failure to respond results in being withdrawn from the University. 

To return from a Leave of Absence, please contact the Dean of Students office at or call 508-793-7423. It is not necessary to reapply for admission in order to return to active status from leave status, but you must inform the Dean of Students Office in writing of your plan to re-enroll. Students returning from a Medical Leave of Absence will also need to complete the following forms: