Clark University's Return on Education (ROE)

At Clark, we believe a student's investment in education should have lifelong and wide-ranging returns. Our educational model, Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP), enables students to translate their studies into remarkable careers and purposeful, accomplished lives.

Clark graduates are engaged with the world and working to improve it. See how our alumni are driving innovations in their fields, following their passions and leading lives of consequence and fulfillment.

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Clark University vs. HEDS Averages 66% vs. 31% HEDs average - of Clark graduates have earned a masters degree 30% vs. 19% HEDs averate - of Clark alumni report gains from involvement in political clubs and organizations 30% vs. 16% HEDs average - of Clark alumni ffeel that undergraduate research with faculty considerably contributed to their development post-graduation 76% vs. 68% HEDs average - of Clark graduates feel sufficiently prepared for social and civic engagement Clark graduates less then 5 years out 36% vs 13% HEDs average - of young Clark graduates have earned a master's degree 82% vs. 79% HEDs average - of young Clark graduates say their jobs are meaningful 68% vs 59% HEDs average - of young Clark graduates are in full-time employment 53% vs 41% HEDS average - of young Clark alumni say they gained from doing internships The Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium serves the needs of private higher education fro institutional research, decision support, assesment and the advancement of liberal learning.


Recent Graduates:, Fidelity, the University of Versailles, and Teach for America are among the employers of Clark's most recent graduating classes »


Clark's quality speaks for itself. Clark's strengths consistently receive recognition in some of the world's premier college guides & rankings publications »

Above: June 23, 2014. President Angel, in an interview for the Chronicle of Higher Education—"Clark U Seeks to Define 'Liberal Education 2.0,'" discusses how Clark's new model of higher education prepares our graduates for careers, postgraduate education and lives of consequence. Read interview transcript