New Grants and Contracts

Awarded as of April 15, 2014

Kimberly Allar. Training Nazi camp guards: Dachau, Ravensbruck, and Trawniki in comparison, Holocaust Educational Foundation.

Denise Bebbington (Women's and Gender Studies). All Kinds of Girls program, Women's Initiative (United Way of Central Massachusetts).

Denise Bebbington (IDCE/March Institute1). Tracking the politics of natural resources and inclusive development over time - The Bolivia Country Case Study, Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre, Manchester UK.

Philip Bergmann (Biology). Developmental and functional mechanisms of complex trait re-evolution: limb loss and gain in skink lizards, NSF.

Michael Butler (Political Science). Shunning strangers: R2P and humanitarian intervention in crisis, Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation.

Michelle Bata (LEEP Center) and Denise Darrigrand (Dean of Students). Improving retention by strengthening the personal and emotional well-being of Clark students through community-based learning and reflection, Bringing Theory to Practice Program, Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Sarah Buie (Higgins School of Humanities). Integrating the Humanities across national boundaries: the promise of CHCI, A.W. Mellon Foundation.

Stefano Crema (Clark Labs3). Impact assessment scenario modeling for the Georgetown-Lethem upgrade, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Mark Davidson (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Governing to maintain legacies: urban governance, policies and the long-term impacts of the Olympics, International Olympic Committee.

Tom Del Prete (Adam Institute7). Title II-B: Massachusetts Mathematics and Science Partnership Program, Worcester Public Schools.

Robert Drewell (Biology). CAREER: Investigating the evolution of gene regulation at Drosophila Hox genes, NSF.

Karen Frey (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Observing and understanding the impacts of a thinning and retreating sea ice cover on light propagation, primary productivity and biogeochemistry in the Pacific Arctic region, NASA.

Donald Honeman (Admissions) and Sanjiv Fernando. "Mitigating the human-leopard conflict in Southeast Sri Lanka, Davis Projects for Peace.

Robert Johnston (Marsh Institute1). Coastal hazards and northeast housing values: comparative implications for climate change adaptation and community resilience, NOAA.

Robert Johnston (Marsh Institute1). Coastal sustainability: a cross-site comparison of salt marsh persistence in response to sea-level rise and feedbacks from social adaptations, NSF.

Deborah Martin (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Collaborative Research: The scale of governance in the regulation of land: community land trusts in the Twin Cities, NSF.

James McCarthy (Geography) and Katherine Foo. Governing green infrastructure in Philadelphia, Edna Bailey Sussman Fund.

James McCarthy (Geography) and Christopher Knudson. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Modeling risk, modifying behavior: the introduction of novel weather insurance in St. Lucia, NSF.

Nicole Overstreet (Psychology). Ethical considerations in HIV research: examining the role of intersectional stigma, National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Colin Polsky (Geography/Marsh Institute1) and Dexter Locke. Understanding Philadelphia's vegetation, Edna Bailey Sussman Fund.

Dianne Rocheleau and Jody Emel (Geography) and Alida Cantor. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Wastefulness, beneficial use, and water transfers in California, NSF.

Rosalie Torres Stone (Sociology). Learning by giving: community-engaged health research, Learning by Giving Foundation.

Christopher Williams (Geography) and Richard MacLean. New climate forcing of clear cut forest management in New England, Edna Bailey Sussman Fund.

Christopher Williams (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Quantification of the regional impact of terrestrial processes on the carbon cycle using atmospheric inversions, NASA.

Christopher Williams (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Translating forest change to carbon emissions/removals linking disturbance products, biomass maps, and carbon cycle modeling in a comprehensive carbon monitoring framework, NASA.

Awarded June 1, 2013 - April 14, 2014

(In alphabetical order)

Anthony Bebbington (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Developing a partnership on extractive industry governance and related knowledge mobilization, York University.

Anthony Bebbington (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Tracking the politics of natural resources and inclusive development over time, Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre, Manchester UK.

Sarah Buie (Higgins School of Humanities). Council on the Uncertain Human Future 2014, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

James Cordova (Psychology). Disseminating the Marriage Checkup in Air Force primary care settings, Department of Defense, Defense Health Program.

Mark Davidson (Geography) and John Lauermann. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Competing for development: sporting megaevents and urban-based development governance, NSF.

Tom Del Prete (Adam Institute7). Main South College Success Program, Ruth and John Adam Fund of Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

Tom Del Prete (Adam Institute7). UPCS-Clark partnership, Jobs for the Future.

Tom Del Prete (Hiatt Center6), Deb Robertson (Biology), Luis Smith (Chemistry), Arshad Kudrolli (Physics) and Natalia Sternberg (Math/CS). Clark Science-Math Teaching and Education Partnership (C-STEP), NSF.

Timothy Downs (IDCE) and Jenkins Macedo. Enhancing soil nutrients and water retention through sustainable farming techniques: a field research component of the IWMI's project on sustainable groundwater irrigation in the greater Mekong sub-region of Laos PDR, US Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security.

Deborah Dwork and Mary Jane Rein (Strassler Center). Doctoral student support, Conference on Material Claims Against Germany.

Ronald Eastman (Clark Labs). An ESRI cloud-based implemetation of the Land Change Modeler and reorientation of Clark Labs' development to the ESRI platform, ESRI.

Ronald Eastman (Clark Labs). Enable evaluation of landscape scale impacts of shrimp farming expansion and accurate prediction of important coastal habitats at risk for future conversion to shrimp farms in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Jody Emel (Geography) and Miles Kenney-Lazar. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Land and livelihood implications of multinational plantation investments, NSF.

Jody Emel (Geography) and Miles Kenney-Lazar. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Land and livelihood implications of multinational plantation investments, U.S. Department of Education.

Karen Frey (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Developing remote sensing capabilities for meterscale sea ice properties, Office of Naval Research.

Alex Gardner (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Multiple scattering within snow, ice, firn, and water, and its impact on elevation retrievals from ICESat-2 data, NASA.

Amy Gardner (Office of Intercultural Affairs). Third Culture Kids Student Conference, NAFSA region XI.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). Lesbian and gay adoptive families,The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law.

Arlene Kowal (COPACE/Teachers Program for Global Studies). 2013-2014 Global Studies, Massachusetts Consortium for Global Education at Framingham State University.

Arlene Kowal (COPACE/Teachers Program for Global Studies). 2013-2014 Massachusetts Geographic Alliance, National Geographic Education Foundation.

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Internal erosion, particle transport, and channelization driven by fluid flow, U.S. Department of Energy.

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Granular erosion, transport, and dynamic-filtration driven by fluid flow, NSF-Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems.

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Particle sedimentation in clay suspensions, American Chemical Society - Petroleum Research Fund.

Laura McKee (Psychology). Picture this: bringing joy into focus and developing healthy habits of mind, Templeton Foundation.

Sarah Michaels (Hiatt6/Education). New terrain for pre-service and in-service teachers of science and mathematics: building facility with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, State of Connecticut, Department of Education.

Seana Moran (Psychology). How service-learning influences youth purpose around the world, Templeton Foundation.

Colin Polsky (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Pathways: from the lab to the neighborhood: an interactive living exhibit for advancing STEM engagement with urban systems in science museums, NSF.

Marc Rockmore (Economics). Trauma, behavioral parameters, and subjective expectations: the effects of abduction and violence on economic behavior in Northern Uganda, NSF.

Ross, Laurie and Ellen Foley (March Institute1/IDCE). Massachusetts Statewide Youth Violence Research Partner, Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Shannon Fund.

Kristen Williams (Political Science). All Kinds of Girls program, Women's Initiative (United Way of Central Massachusetts).


Awarded June 1, 2012 - May 31, 2013

(In alphabetical order)


Charles Agosta (Physics). Surface microstructuring project, Machflow Energy Inc.

Nada Mustafa Ali (IDCE). Building bridges: women's rights, gender equality, and peace in Sudan and South Sudan, Open Society Institute.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE). Experiencing the American city and integration of students of color and first-college generation students into the Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP) curriculum at Clark University, Consortium on Higher Achievement and Success.

Sarah Buie (Visual and Performing Arts). Humanities Present, Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Stefano Crema (Clark Labs3). Analysis of drivers of deforestation and threats to the ecology and communities of Guiana Shield, Conservation International.

Micki Davis (CEV). AmeriCorps VISTA 2012-2013, Massachusetts Campus Compact.

Micki Davis (CEV). AmeriCorps VISTA 2013-2014, Massachusetts Campus Compact.

Thomas Del Prete (Adam Institute7). Main South School and College Success Program, Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

Timothy Downs and Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger (Marsh Institute1/IDCE). National Children's Study, NIH.

Deborah Dwork (Strassler Center). Doctoral student support, Conference on Material Claims Against Germany.

Jody Emel (Geography) and Elisabeth Stoddard. Livestock and global change vulnerability: pork production in eastern North Carolina, Pruitt Dissertation Fellowship.

Susan Foster (Biology). Meeting: Behavioral plasticity and evolution: animal Behavior Society Symposium, NSF.

Karen Frey (Geography) and Luke Trusel. Antarctic surface melting: intensity, climatology and driving mechanisms, NASA.

Karen Frey (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Collaborative Research: The distributed biological observatory: a change detection array in the Pacific arctic sector, NSF.

Karen Frey (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Developing remote sensing capabilities for meter-scale sea ice properties, Office of Naval Research.

Karen Frey (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Investigating the influence of sea-surface variability on ice sheet mass balance and outlet glacier behavior using records from Disko Bugt, West Greenland, NSF.

Karen Frey (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Satellite observations of sea ice variability and primary production in the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean, NOAA.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). Lesbian parents and their adopted children three years post-placement, Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). Lesbian, gay and heterosexual single adoptive parents by choice: perceived stigma and challenges, Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). Mental health in the postpartum period among visible and invisible sexual minority women A U.S.-Canada study, NIH.

Jim Gomes (Mosakowski). Better Together in Worcester, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation.

David Hibbett and Otto Miettinen (Biology). POLYSYST: Molecular and morphological systematics of the Polyporales, a highly diverse, poorly documented clade of wood-decaying fungi with biotechnological potential, Marie Curie Fellowship, Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union.

David Hibbett (Biology). REU Supplement to MSB/PEET: PolyPEET Enhancing taxonomic expertise in the Polyporales, National Science Foundation.

Robert Johnston (Economics/Marsh Institute1). Climate change adaptation and ecosystem resilience in Northeast coastal communities: quantifying economic values and trade-offs in regional decision support, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Arlene Kowal (COPACE2). 2012-2013 Massachusetts Geographic Alliance, National Geographic Education Foundation.

Arlene Kowal (COPACE2). Global Education FY13, Massachusetts Consortium for Global Education at Framingham State University.

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Fundamental principles of swimming in viscoelastic media, NSF.

Dominik Kulakowski (Marsh Institute1/Geography). Collaborative research: Spruce beetle and wildfire interactions under varying climate in the Colorado Rockies, NSF.

Todd Livdahl and John Soghigian. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Evolution of parasite-host fitness trade-offs in a mosquito-Gregarine system, National Science Foundation.

Deborah Martin (Geography) and Oona Martin. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Urban homesteading: gender and self-provisioning in the city, NSF.

Abigail Mechtenberg (Marsh Institute1/IDCE) and Chantal Roberts. Stakeholder valuation of post-harvest technologies in sub-Saharan Africa with local innovation, US Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security: A FTF 21st Century Borlaug Leadership Program, USAID.

Sarah Michaels (Education). Next Generation Science Exemplar System, NSF.

James Murphy (Geography) and J. Alex Sphar. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Industrial policy, ideas and institutional change in Brazil, NSF.

Kathleen Palm Reed and Denise Hines (Psychology). Building coalitions to foster change on college campuses: a four-campus coordinated multilevel violence prevention and intervention program, Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women.

Gil Pontius (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Forest land change modeling support, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Gil Pontius and Colin Polsky (Geography/Marsh Institute1). The PIE-LTER: Interactions between external drivers, humans, and ecosystems in shaping ecological process in a mosaic of coastal landscapes and estuarine seascapes, NSF.

Gil Pontius (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Project Supplement, National Science Foundation.

John Rainey (Small Business Development Center5). Central Mass Regional Small Business Development Center, U.S. Small Business Administration.

John Rogan (Geography) and Nicholas Cuba. Interannual variability in seasonally dry tropical forest deciduousness and implications for soil carbon storage in the Mexican southern Yucatan, NASA.

Laurie Ross (Marsh Institute1/IDCE). Shannon Worcester LARP, Federal Byrne JAG/Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety.

Laurie Ross (Marsh Institute1/IDCE). Shannon CSI Statewide Research Partner, Federal Byrne JAG/Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety.

Florencia Sangermano and James Toledano (Clark Labs3). Panama species distribution mapping, Hardner & Gullison Associates.

Florencia Sangermano and Stefano Crema (Clark Labs3). Training for Land Change Modeling for REDD, The Nature Conservancy.

Jennie Stephens (IDCE/Marsh Institute1). Smart Grid: sociopolitical context for energy technology transitions, NSF.

Jennie Stephens (IDCE/Marsh Institute1). RAPID: post-Sandy linkages in energy-climate discourse in the US, NSF.


1George Perkins Marsh Institute

2College of Professional and Continuing Education

3Clark Labs

4Community Engagement and Volunteering Center

5Small Business Development Center

6Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education

7Adam Institute for Urban Teaching and School Practice