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Mission of the Institute

Universities conduct a great deal of research that seeks to both advance our knowledge and to enable us to make a positive difference in our world. Too often, however, this knowledge remains in the academy and does not find its way into the hands of those who could use it to improve public policies and programs and the lives of people they affect.

The mission of the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise is to improve the effectiveness of government and other institutions in addressing social concerns through the successful mobilization of use-inspired research. Learn more about use-inspired research.

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Current Activities

Connecting Knowledge and Practice

Enhancing Student Learning through Practice-based Experiences. In the course of its work with many important partner institutions, the Mosakowski Institute frequently provides opportunities for Clark students to make a difference in the world while adding to their skills, experience, and confidence. In September, four current and former students presented a panel at Clark’s Family Weekend about the exciting and wide-ranging work they have undertaken, from the Massachusetts State House to the streets of Worcester to the Big Island of Hawaii.  

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The Path to a Climate-Friendly and Socially Just Transportation Future -  Kristina Egan

Thursday, 10/1/2015 4:00 PM-5:15 PM

University Center/Tilton Hall, 950 Main Street, Worcester, MA - free

Albert, Norma and Howard '77 Geller Endowed Lecture - Kristina Egan serves as the Director for Transportation for Massachusetts, with oversight of all coalition activities. She has an established career in transportation, working to address climate change and building social equity. Before joining the coalition in 2010, she served for four years as the Director of the South Coast Rail project, and was the first Director of the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance. Ms. Egan holds a M.A. in International Economics and International Relations from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and a B.A from Wesleyan University.

The format is a 40-45 minute presentation followed by 15-20 minutes of questions and discussion. Interaction with speakers is encouraged. Light refreshments will be provided.
Sponsored by: Co-sponsored by the George Perkins Marsh Institute and the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise
For more information, e-mail or call 508-751-4619.

New Report on Refugees in Worcester

Worcester, Massachusetts serves as the entry point to America for more refugees than any other municipality in Massachusetts, with more than 2,000 refugees settling there between 2007 and 2012. However, there has been a lack of information about how the livelihoods and experiences of refugees differ from those of the foreign-born population. This report uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Population, Refugee, and Migration to present a snapshot of the social, educational, and economic status of refugees in Worcester and identifies several areas for future data and research needs relating to refugee resettlement both in Worcester and elsewhere. Findings include a higher rate of employment among the foreign-born community than the native counterpart, and rates of English competency below the state average for immigrants in Worcester.

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Clark University's Mosakowski Institute's Massachusetts Family Impact Seminars

Presented Our Sixth Annual Seminar

Mission Critical: Reforming Foster Care and Child Protective Services in Massachusetts

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Boston State House

2015 Family Impact Seminar Policy Briefs

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A Critical Corporate Profile of Li & Fung

“Where’d you get that dress?” is a question that must be asked hundreds of times a day. Often the answer is not a simple one, and may be deeply disturbing.  Li & Fung is a Hong Kong based firm that is the largest sourcing agent in the global apparel business. Li & Fung’s strategy of sourcing encourages the cutthroat competition among factories that is a major cause of the inhumane conditions millions of apparel workers’ struggle under. Clark Research Professor Robert Ross and his colleagues have studied Li & Fung extensively and have written an important new report on the firm, its practices, and its impacts.

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New Report on Redistricting

Associate Professor of Political Science Rob Boatright and Mosakowski Institute Director Jim Gomes have just released Every Picture Tells a Story: The 2010 Round of Congressional Redistricting in New England, a collection of five papers on the region's recent experience with the decennial rite of redrawing the boundaries of U.S. House of Representatives districts. (Why only five papers, since there are six New England states? Because Vermont's population is small enough that it has only one Representative in Congress and thus does not need to re-draw district lines.) Two of the papers (on Massachusetts and Rhode Island) are co-authored by Clark faculty and students. This project grew out of the 2012 New England Political Science Association panel on "Redistricting in New England" that Boatright and Gomes co-chaired and their nationally recognized 2011 tea.m.-taught "Geography of Politics" course.

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Boston, Massachusetts

The Working Cities Challenge

The Mosakowski Institute is working with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on its initiative to advance collaborative leadership in Massachusetts smaller cities and to support a.m.bitious work to improve the lives of low-income people in those cities.

The Institute recently prepared "data dashboards" for twenty Massachusetts cities, compiling information about such subjects as demographics, income, employment, educational attainment, and health.

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Data Dashboard Methodology and Sources

NOAA Fellows

The second year class of our Marsh-Mosakowski Fellows is completing their summer placements at NOAA facilities around the country. Undergraduates selected for this progra.m. receive a summer stipend for their work under the supervision of marine science and policy experts at NOAA facilities from Puget Sound to the coast of Maine. Learn more

Understanding Chronic Disease in Nicaragua.

The Institute has invested in IDCE Professor Barbara Goldoftas' work on poverty, diet, medical care, and population health. Barbara has made two research trips to Nicaragua in an attempt to understand that impoverished country's very high rate of Type II Diabetes. Her goal is to find ways to improve the health of people suffering from chronic disease both in the developing world and here in the United States.

Improving Math and Science Education

STEM Education—science, technology, engineering, and math—seems to be on everyone's mind these days. Clark Education Department Chair Sarah Michaels is leading a Mosakowski-supported project to improve the training and professional develop.m.ent of those who teach these subjects at the K-12 levels. Sarah's work has also received support from a National Science Foundation RAPID grant. Learn More

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