Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library

The Future

The need for the Kasperson Research Library's internationally recognized collection continues to grow. Environmental and international issues remain a primary focus of teaching and research at Clark and other universities and research institutions throughout the world. In order to maintain the high caliber of the library's collections and meet the increasing demand for these resources, the Kasperson Research Library is pursuing an ambitious five-year development plan. This plan focuses on the following major areas.


Efforts to strengthen the financial base of the library are underway, including: the establishment of the Friends of the Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library, an annual fund to encourage friends, colleagues and researchers to make contributions to the library; a new and growing endowment fund; and grants pursued by researchers at the George Perkins Marsh Institute, which also help support the library.


A $15,000 to $20,000 increase in the library's acquisition budget per year over the next five years will be required in order to keep pace with the growing number and costs of journals, publications and reports.


An expanded outreach program will help reinforce the library's valuable contributions to the University and broader research communities. This expanded outreach will include a library newsletter to an international network of scholars and practitioners, research updates from the library, an annual seminar or discussion series, undergraduate research internships and enhancing the role of the library in supporting course-related undergraduate research.


With growing collections and expanded use, the Kasperson Research Library will require additional space in the immediate future and over the long term, as well as a clearly defined collection development policy.