Women's and Gender Studies Major and Minor, Clark University

Major or Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

Explore the human experience through the lens of gender

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Clark University has a long and vibrant history, dating from a political moment in the 1970s when student activists urged their feminist mentors to begin offering courses in women’s studies.

As a Women’s and Gender Studies major or minor, you have the opportunity to explore women’s issues, the social construction of femininities and masculinities, and the gendered dimensions of any field of study at Clark. This interdisciplinary program brings together more than 50 faculty members from the humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, management, and visual and performing arts. Courses in Women’s and Gender Studies stress the importance of social identities and relationships, such as those shaped by gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, and class, in order to understand individual and collective experiences. As a Women’s and Gender Studies major, you will engage with a range of viewpoints, connecting theory to practice on the Clark campus, in the Worcester community, and further afield.