Clark Bars, Clark University

Major or Minor in Music

Explore the human experience through music

Whether you’re interested in music as a composer, a performer, a sound engineer or a scholar, studying music at Clark University is a journey of exploration and discovery. You’ll build your musical skills as you create and perform music and develop new insights through music theory and musicology. We stress the advantages of combining professional musical training with the humanistic breadth offered by a strong liberal arts education.

Why Study Music at Clark?

  • Choose from four tracks of study – performance; composition and music theory; music history and criticism; and music technology – and have the option of combining your study of music with complementary disciplines as well as study abroad programs.
  • Engage in intellectual, critical, artistic, creative, theoretical, educational, legal and business issues that surround music and be mentored by internationally known faculty who are experts in the theory and practice of music.
  • Build a strong academic foundation as you move through the music program’s LEEP learning curriculum, getting hands-on experience.