Certificate in Global and Community Health

Improve lives in our city, the region, the nation and the world

Offered through Clark’s International Deveopment, Community and Environment Department (IDCE),  the Certificate in Global and Community Health helps you take on some of the biggest public health challenges facing humanity by working with communities right here in Worcester or across the globe. You engage in thoughtful, critical analysis of domestic and international health policy in order to prepare for — or enhance — a health career in the United States and abroad.

Current and aspiring professionals learn the social, political and economic causes of health challenges facing communities domestically and internationally. You can focus your studies on policy analysis and project management or train in quantitative methods, including biostatistics and epidemiology.

Why Study Global and Community Health at Clark?

  • Unique chance to focus internationally or domestically.
  • Opportunity to chose a policy/project management or quantitative/ epidemiology track.
  • Connections to our partners in the United States and abroad.
  • A culturally rich, diverse, international learning community.
  • Courses with faculty from our renowned International Development, Community and Environment Department.