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Have you ever had a situation when you're asked "WHERE ARE YOU FROM" and it is actually quite difficult to say a one-word answer? Well, you're not alone. Clark University is home to a vibrant community of Third Culture Kids and Global Nomads!

A Global Nomad or Third Culture Kid (TCK) is:

A person of any age or nationality who has lived a significant part of his/her developmental years in one or more countries outside his/her passport country because of a parent's occupation. Children raised as global nomads can be the offspring of diplomatic, international business, government agency, international agency, missionary, or military personnel, or indeed of people living internationally mobile lives for any professional reason. Typically, global nomads share a unique cultural heritage.

The International Students and Scholars Office offers support services for Clark's TCK community. Every year we have a TCK Student Coordinator who holds regular meetings and social activities with TCKs. We also have hosted the first ever TCK Conference at Clark in March 2013 and are in the process of planning our second annual conference on February 22, 2014.


Michino Hisabayashi is the TCK Student Coordinator in The International Students and Scholars Office. Michino is a Japanese passport holder but has lived in Hong Kong as a baby, in Thailand as a child, and in Bangladesh as a teenager before coming to Clark University here in Worcester, MA. Her home now is Osaka, Japan, where her family lives. She is a junior majoring in Geography and Economics, and her favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry's "Everything But The..."!

Please contact Michino for more information regarding the TCK programs at Clark!


Farah Weannara is the Co-Chair of the TCK/Global Nomad Conference. Farah is a bicultural TCK and has Thai and Dutch nationality. She has lived in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and France. Her family currently lives in France, but might be moving soon! She is a sophmore majoring in Psychology and Management.

Please feel free to contact Farah!