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Class of 2016

Rahul Dutt

I was born and brought up in Calcutta, India. I am an Economics major looking to get in to the finance industry in New York City when I graduate in May 2016.
I give back to the community primarily by being a Resident Advisor and helping other Clarkies settle in to their college experience. On campus, I play soccer, run, and am a part of the Investment and Trading Society. In my free time I love to run around Worcester, explore places to eat and travel when my budget allows. I also love to hike when the weather is good.

Young Hero

I was born in and grew up in Korea. I came to Clark thinking about majoring in science, but in my sophomore year, I changed to psychology. I love psychology very much and I plan to go to graduate school in psychology. It's a really fascinating discipline and I feel lucky to go to Clark which has a great psychology program.I also like to learn about entrepreneurship and business. I want to start a social enterprise that utilizes psychological knowledge to help people live more satisfying life. And I love basketball.

Pooja Patel

I am of Indian origin but was born in Manchester, England. When I was really young, my family moved to the Harare, Zimbabwe. I spent most of my life and nearly all of my education in the beautiful region within Southern Africa. Academically, my interests lie in psychological and political theory, as well as in history and languages (both spoken and computing). I am a psychology major and an entrepreneurship minor, with a focus in conflict and cooperation. Within the community, I truly believe in giving others a chance to grow and develop; I am involved with multiple mentoring programs, working to help others recognize their potential. Furthermore, I love fostering ways to create conversation and awareness surrounding issues that are pertinent to our lives, and those of others around us. By bringing focus to the amazing stories that people have, we bring perspective and create empathy. I enjoy reading and cooking, and am part of different publications on campus.

Dominque Pratt

I am a US citizen but was born and raised overseas. I was born in Cote D'ivoire and my family and I moved around before I graduated high school in Singapore.
I am a double major in Studio Arts and Cultural Studies and Communications and hope to complete the 5th year MAT program to become an art teacher. I am the photo editor of STIR magazine on campus and volunteer for Ivy Child International, implementing mindfulness programs for children and youth in Worcester.

Delight Gavor

I was born and raised in Ghana and I'm proud to call it home. I'm currently majoring in Psychology and double minor in Management and Entrepreneurship. My passion for youth engagement in development and my Christian faith has charted the path for me to work as a Leadership Program Facilitator at African Community Education as well as serve as an entrepreneurial mentor for Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. More recently, I co-founded the Butterfly Effect, an educational startup that creates educational experiences for youth to realize their abilities to make a difference in their lives and communities. I'm also passionate about turning entrepreneurial ideas into reality and together with my partner, Julia Carrasquel, we've transformed our first year class project into a startup known as DormBoard which creates attachable bedside desks for those who love to work in bed.

Chelsea Viteri

I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. Even before I came to Clark, I have had a driving passion for social justice and the power of the arts to generate positive change.I am a Theater major and International Development minor. I intend to do the fifth year program in Community Development and Planning. While at Clark I have been involved in various after school programs that use theater and other art forms to impact the lives of youth in positive ways.I also did a documentary on the power and power dynamics of Youth Work in the city of Worcester. I am part of various groups on campus that have organized diverse events regarding the arts and social justice. I am also a yoga and meditation teacher at the YWCA. I hope to keep on walking and growing in this path that seeks justice through creation, healing and love.

Sanika Shah

Born in India, but brought up in Myanmar, I take a particular interest in developing economic and political systems, and in issues such as climate change. Thus, I'm majoring in Economics and Geography.In the communities I've lived in, I've enjoyed and learned tremendously from mentoring and tutoring children, dancing with the elderly, teaching art and cooking, organizing conferences, and fundraising to build schools. To be inspired, focused and motivated in the various causes I'm involved in, I read, meditate and do yoga.

Michael Pierce

I am from Lake Forest, a suburb of Chicago. I was born there and lived there for twelve years until I moved to England. I attended a boarding school in Cheltenham creatively named, Cheltenham College. While there I joined the rowing team, Combined Cadet Force, found a chapter of Amnesty International and the Philosophy Club on campus. I also organized a service trip to build houses in Siem Reap Cambodia.

Hung Pham

Hung was born in Russia but hails from Vietnam. He is majoring in Biochemistry.

Jheanell Lumsden

Jheanell is from Jamaica and majors in Psychology.