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Class of 2014

Maame Adu-Kofi
I was born in Boston Massachusetts but originally from Ghana.  I take a particular interest in the Sciences considering the fact that I want to become a doctor. However, I also enjoy some of the Humanitites especially Geography.

I have always loved to be around children so most of my community service has been focused on helping and caring for them in anyway possible. Last year, I helped out a couple of children on the streets in Ghana and I plan on joining the Youth outreach club here at Clark soon.  I love to keep active in a fun environment so I like to play soccer a lot which keeps me fit. Also, if I find the time, I like to read interesting articles on general issues. I also like to watch good movies and hang out with friends.

Dana Alasker
I grew up in Orange County, CA but moved to Amman, Jordan in 2005 and lived there until earlier this year.  I'm in interested in history and economics, and I plan on either teaching history or going to law school after Clark. 

My community service interests are working with children who have special needs, something I did in Jordan.  My extra-curriculars through high school were debate/public speaking and Model UN.  At Clark I joined Model UN as well as Outing Club, Clark EMS and Clark University Students for Palestinian Rights.

Maria "Gaby" Jijon
I come from Ecuador and I have always lived there. I want to major in Environmental Science.

My community services interest is to help Worcester’s elderly community or be a part of the environmental maintenance of the city. My extracurricular activity is swimming; I am currently in the Varsity Swimming Team at Clark.

Jake Kailey
I was born in Kansas City, lived in Kansas, Colorado, and Texas prior to moving to Santiago de Chile when I was 5. I attended a local Chilean Montessori school, and acquired Spanish as a mother tongue with English.

After 8 years in Chile, I moved to Monterrey, Mexico where I was involved extensively in the Model UN program, and was able to participate in various simulations around the world, as well as be a member of the Secretariat in high school. I regularly worked with a local orphanage in Monterrey, and was involved with various other miscellaneous projects during high school.

Le Yang
I come from China, and also grew up in China with an interest to study Psychology.

Community service interests include psychology and mental communication, as well as some environmental protection activities.

Extracurricular interests or hobbies include drawing, reading, sports, cooking and playing some instruments.

Anna Maia
I was born in New York City, but I have lived in São Paulo, Brazil since I was four years old.  I am interested in Political Sciences, Philosophy and Studio Art.

What I enjoy about community service is that while attempting to help others, I to receive a form of personal gain through understanding and caring.  I play soccer, horseback-ride and ski, but while indoors my favorite activity is reading.

Bhumika Regmi
I'm originally from Nepal and lived there for the first 9 years of my life. Then I moved around Asia so I grew up in Nepal, India, N. Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  I'm interested in International Development and Social Change as well as psychology.

When it comes to community service, I enjoy working with children and educational development programs.  I'm in Choir, a dance club, and South Asian Student's Association. I'm also taking Salsa classes. And I want to do the Big Brother Big Sister Program.

Yohan Senarath
I'm from the gorgeous tear drop island of Sri Lanka. I hail from the main city of Colombo.  My academic interests are in International Relations, basically anything political.  I am also involved with Model UN, Debating and Mock Trial. 

For community service interests, I will be working on Gender Based Violence.  During my gap year I did an internship with the United Nations Fund for Population Activities and on a project funded by the Canadian Development Agency called Women Defining Peace (yes I'm a guy) pertaining to Gender Based Violence.

Aksheya Sridhar
I am a Malaysian of Indian origin (my family is Indian but I was born in Malaysia and am a Malaysian citizen) and I grew up in the Philippines.  I would like to major in psychology and will probably specialize in child psychology or in autism. I also enjoy other social studies like history.

I enjoy working with children - I've tutored and mentored students, and I also enjoy working with large groups of children or spending the day at an orphanage. I've worked a lot with children in the Philippines who used to live on the streets and are currently at rehabilitation centers. I also enjoy organizing benefit concerts to raise money for different charities or causes and have done a lot of that in the past.  I enjoy dancing, reading, and attending any performing arts shows.