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The Clark SpamBlocker Cache

The Cache is where the SpamBlocker stores messages before they are flagged as spam or sent on to your inbox. If you are using a high filter level it is important to check on the Cache often so legitimate messages are not lost.

Two Different Caches

Un-confirmed Non-Spam Cache

This cache contains messages that are believed to be legitimate. Unless you indicate these are spam, the filter will continue to believe that these are legitimate messages and will continue to deliver them to your Inbox.

Suspected Spam Cache

Probable spam messages are placed in the suspected spam cache. You should peridocially browse this cache to check for legitimate messages that have been marked as spam incorrectly. As you confirm messages that the SpamBlocker has suspected as spam, the filter will get better and better at catching spam, so your involvement is important.

How to Train the Filter

  • Spam: trains the filter to block these in the future.
  • Non-spam: trains the filter to allow these messages in the future and will cause the message to be delivered to your inbox immediately.
  • Delete: means that you don't want to tell the filter if this message is spam or not. This tells Maia not to learn from this message. It does not delete it from your inbox.

Clark SpamBlocker User Guide