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Fight Spam

Spam is unsolicited and unwanted email, period. It clogs up email servers and irritates people who just want to get the email they WANT. We can help you reduce and all but eliminate the spam you receive with the Clark SpamBlocker. It's an opt-out service so you are automatically enrolled when your Clark Account email address is setup by ITS.

What is the Clark SpamBlocker?

The Clark SpamBlocker is an email filtering system provided to all Clark users. The spam filters looks at all emails entering the University and tries to "filter" spam and other unsolicited emails from the outside.

Why would I use the Clark SpamBlocker?

You would use the spam filter to limit the amount of unwanted emails you receive and also prevent phishing emails and other harmful emails from reaching you inbox.

What do you mean you are changing the service to an opt-out from an opt-in service?

Previously, you would need to turn on (opt-in) the Clark ITS SpamBlocker, by default it was turned off. With the recent rise in phishing messages and other forms of email fraud the University is taking a more proactive role in protecting the Clark community. This change will require a new user to log into the spam filter and turn off (opt-out) the SpamBlocker.

How do you "train" the filter?

Periodically, you need to confirm or deny emails as spam or legitimate emails. This is called "training" your filter. By logging into your filter and confirming those messages in your spam cache as being correctly filtered you are reinforcing those settings. Also, by reviewing the messages in your non-spam cache and marking those that are spam, you are helping to increase the score of those messages. By increasing the score of those messages it increases the likelihood that they will be marked as spam in the future. Ones that potentially make it through the spam filter are sometimes caught by the Junk email filter in Outlook thus giving you a one, two punch in defending yourself against unscrupulous individuals.

Get Started Fighting Spam

Your spam filter on your Clark email account "Current Protection Level" is set to "Normal" by default; however it can be set to one of the 5 Filtering Levels described below. If you would like to increase, decrease or disable the spam filter, choose your filtering level and login at:

  1. Permissive: At this level many spam messages will be allowed through the filter. Only blatant spam messages will be blocked. At this level most all mail will get through, much of it spam.
  2. Relaxed: At this level the spam filter will not block messages as readily as it would on the normal setting. This level may not as effectively decrease the amount of spam reaching your account.
  3. Normal: This is the recommended level to set the spam filter to. As long as the filter is properly trained this level will ensure that your account is protected from spam, but at the same time help prevent valid messages from being lost.
  4. Aggressive: This level sits between Normal and Extreme because it increases the risk of blocking valid messages. It will decrease the amount of spam sent to your account, but it is very important to check your cache often to make sure valid messages are marked as such.
  5. Extreme: This level will filter out messages that score lower still than the aggressive filter. This level has the highest chance of blocking legitimate messages so the Cache should be checked often.