Residential Life and Housing

Resident Adviser Staff

The Office of Residential Life and Housing employs undergraduate paraprofessional staff members as Resident Advisers (RAs) in residential living area. Resident Advisers live in the residence halls to offer personal and academic support, residential activities and work to provide a respectful and social living atmosphere.  RAs work to create and maintain a sense of community on the floor and in the hall/house by initiating and encouraging campus and hall programs, answering questions and referring students to different campus services, advising resident, addressing inappropriate behavior, and helping to interpret the policies outlined in The Student Handbook.  There is typically at least one RA per floor in the residence halls. There are also three Housing Complex Managers who oversee the RLH owned houses. In Bullock, Sanford, and Wright Halls, there are 23 FYE RAs, which focus on the needs of the First Year Students.  There are 4 RAs in Dodd, 7 RAs in Wright Hall, 7 RAs in the Johnson Sanford Center, and 5 RAs in Bullock Hall.

Resident Advisor Staff