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Residential Life and Housing professional staff - Clark University


Interim Associate Dean of Students
Director of Residential Life & Housing

Adam Keyes
Telephone: (508) 793-7423

The Interim Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life & Housing provides the overall supervision and direction for Residential Life and Housing as well as overseeing the University response to code of conduct violations for graduate and undergraduate students. This position directly supervises the Associate Director and two Assistant Directors of Residential Life and Housing in efforts to direct both strategic long term initiatives and the operational requirements of the residential experience. This position also serves as a vital member of the community in regards to on-call response, retention management, student resource allocation and the overall wellness of students as they matriculate to success.

Associate Director of Residential Life and Housing

Sarah Bergeron
Telephone: (508) 793-7453

The Associate Director oversees multiple functions related to the overall management of the office, including housing, budget management and personnel matters. This individual serves as the principle judicial officer for the Residential Life & Housing and in collaboration with the Dean of Students Office leads conduct related matters. Additionally this individual works to provide departmental oversight and leadership for collaborations with physical plant, damage billing, and graduate housing. The Associate Director fosters working relationships with graduate and undergraduate faculty & staff members in an effort to enhance and support academic initiatives and student growth.

Assistant Director, Residential Education & Area Coordinator for First Year Communities

Telephone: (508) 793-7453

The Assistant Director for Residential Education and Area Coordinator of First Year Programs is responsible for the development of a cohesive approach to the residential experience by building responsive programming models grounded in assessment. They oversee the department’s efforts as they relate to marketing, interdepartmental partnerships, the development of digital communities along with peer to peer and experiential educational opportunities, which includes mentorship, training, in-services, and residential governance programs. As Area Coordinator they provide oversight to the First Year Program in collaboration with the Hall Directors of Wright Hall and the Johnson Sanford Center while directly supervising the RA Staffs of Bullock Hall and Dodd Hall.

Assistant Director & Area Coordinator for Upper-Class and Graduate Communities

Jessica Looney
Telephone: (508) 793-7453

The Assistant Director of Residence Life and Area Coordinator for Upper-Class and Graduate Communities is responsible for the occupancy management of each of our halls on campus. They also oversee the room change process, break housing and summer conferencing. This role also oversees the paraprofessional staff selection process. They manage all aspects of residence hall life for Clark housing which is focused on Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Graduate Students. As Area Coordinator for Upper-Class and Graduate Communities this person directly supervises the Maywood Street Hall and Blackstone Hall RA Staffs, as well as the Hall Director for Dana and Hughes Halls and the Housing Complex Managers for Undergraduate and Graduate Clark Houses.

Hall Directors

Hall Directors are professional staff members living in the residence halls. Hall Directors are committed to the growth and development of residential college students, living in their respected areas. Hall Directors supervise the RA staffs within their area, as well as advise residents concerning personal and/or academic concerns, promote hall programs and activities, advise their hall council and manage many aspects of residence hall life within their specific Hall or residential center.

Matt Gallagher
Johnson Sanford Center
Telephone: (508) 793-7453

Mitch Kelly
Wright Hall
Telephone: (508) 793-7453

Amber Whitton
Dana & Hughes Halls
Telephone: (508) 793-7453

RLH Office Manager

The Office Manager runs the central office and student employee staff. He/she is responsible for coordinating appointments and communication with the professional staff as well as oversight of residential access.

Lisa Jano
Telephone: (508) 793-7453