Residential Life and Housing

Housing Complex Managers

Clark Houses offer Undergraduate and Graduate students the opportunity to live with independence while still enjoying many of the convenient services offered to students living in the residence halls. These amenities include individual liability contacts (if a roommate moves out you are not stuck covering their portion of the rent), routine maintenance and cleaning, all-inclusive pricing (heat, electric, cold and hot water, sewer, local phone, cable TV, and wired and wireless internet are all provided by the University as part of the room charge), included laundry, and contract flexibility (you can move to another on-campus room without penalty).

While offering these conveniences, Clark RLH also feels strongly that living in the Clark Houses should reflect in some capacity the off-campus housing experience that most students will experience either during or after their Clark career. As such, Clark Houses are supervised using a property management style approach. Each house is assigned to one of three Housing Complex Managers (HCM). HCMs are seniors or 5th year graduate students with at least two years of Resident Adviser experience. HCMs assist the Clark Houses residents with room condition tracking and inspection, maintenance concerns, information dissemination, opening and closing procedures, and providing opportunity for students to interact socially.

Housing Complex Managers supervise on of the following house complexes:

  • South Complex - 1 & 3 Maywood Place, 13 Beaver Street, 21 & 23 Maywood Street.
  • North Compex - 2 Downing Street, 70 Florence Street, 112 & 114 Woodland Street.
  • Main Complex - 906, 914, 926, 930, and 934 Main Street.

South Complex — HCM Gina Jenkins

Gina Jenkins - Clark University"Gina on Gina": I am currently a graduate student studying Environmental Science and Policy at Clark. I graduated from Clark last year with a Bachelors in Environmental Science and Policy. I studied abroad in Perth, Australia for a semester and loved living so close to the beach. I grew up near Seattle, Washington. I was on the Clark Woman's rowing team for a year and a half during undergrad as well a member Clark University Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am very artistic and love to have time to create art in different mediums. I also enjoying cooking and baking and trying new recipes.

I was a resident advisor at Clark for 2 and a half years, working in Wright Hall and Dodd Hall. I really enjoyed getting to know my residents as well as the other RAs I have worked with during my time working for RLH. My experience as an RA helped prepare me for the HCM position by teaching organization and time management skills as well as learning how to handle a variety of personal and sensitive situations. I am looking forward to working with residents at the 1 and 3 Maywood Place, 21 and 23 Maywood Street, and 13 Beaver Street housing this year.

Please feel free to contact me with any issues, concerns or questions at

Gina's Fall 2014 Office Hours

(HCM Office is located in the RLH Office at 151 Woodland Street)

  • Monday 10:00AM – 1:00PM
  • Thursday 11:00AM – 2:00PM


North Complex — HCM Brenna Merrill

Brenna Merrill - Clark University"Brenna on Brenna": Hello! I am a graduate student here at Clark! I am currently enrolled in the Community Development and Planning 5th year program in the IDCE department. I drink tea regularly and walk around Worcester often.

As an undergrad I studied Political Science (American subfield) with an Urban Development & Social Change concentration. I worked as an RA in both upperclassmen and first-year halls for the past three years, and I have been in leadership positions within Clark’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) for all four year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch - to say hello or ask any questions! I am readily available through email or during office hours!

Please feel free to contact me with any issues, concerns, or questions at

Brenna’s Fall 2014 Office Hours

(HCM Office is located in the RLH Office at 151 Woodland Street):

  • Tuesday 9:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Wednesday 9:00AM - 12:00PM


Main Complex — HCM Jai Sung Lee

Jai Sung Lee - Clark University"Jai on Jai": Hello! I am a graduate student at Clark University, pursuing the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) degree. My undergraduate degrees were in Business Administration (Management) and Psychology. I have been a Resident Adviser in Sanford Hall as well as Blackstone Hall in previous year, and now as the Housing Complex Manager of the graduate houses, overseeing 906, 914, 926, 930 and 934 Main Street.

My country of birth and citizenship is South Korea but I grew up and still have family in Indonesia, which I call home. My hobbies are reading, playing sports, movies and am always trying to find new ones. While at Clark I participated in intramural sports teams, club sports teams, have been involved with International Students Association, Asian Cultural Society, Clark Investments and Trading Society, Clark Model UN, Sustainability Hub with National Grid and of course, with Residential Life and Housing.

Please feel free to contact me with any issues, concerns, or questions at

Jai's Fall 2014 Office Hours
(HCM Office is located in the RLH Office at 151 Woodland Street):

  • Tuesday 1:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Wednesday 1:00PM - 4:00PM