Residential Life and Housing

resident hall common area

Medical Requests

Any student with a documented medical concern can request special housing accommodations by providing the following information to the Office of Residential Life and Housing by March 22nd:

  • A completed Medical Request Application (through My Lottery). As part of your request you should provide a personal statement outlining your medical condition, the specific housing need that it requires, and why a specific room is requested.
  • If you intend to have other students living with you, these students must fill out My Lottery forms indicating that they will be pulled into a space with you (Medical Roommate Request forms).

Once your request is received, RLH will contact you if the following are not already on file:

  • Medical documentation from a health care professional supporting the request.
  • Any other information relevant to your request.

Once approved, your placement will be entered and you will receive a confirmation email from RLH. All information will be strictly confidential.  Medical requests will not be considered after Housing Lottery.  If you believe you are entitled to a Medical accommodation, you should request this before Lottery, even if you think you may get the type of room you need without submitting a request.

ADA Accessible rooms are located in Maywood Street Hall in suites 109 and 111, and in Blackstone Hall apartments 101, 307 and 405.

Please note: A granted request will guarantee that a particular accommodation will be available. The location cannot be guaranteed, unless related to the medical need. Medical singles are charged the same rate as non-medical single rooms.