Residential Life and Housing

resident hall common area

Lottery Nights

Housing Lottery is a process that allows students to pick rooms on campus in an order determined by the student’s credit, housing, judicial, and academic status. See My Lottery for more details. Lottery numbers are randomly generated within up to 10 "Lottery Groups". Students with lottery numbers are able to select spaces through either the "Lifestyle Housing Lottery", or the "Special Interest Lottery". When students are in a group of 2 or more, they select a space when the best Lottery number in the group is called.

Receiving and Using Your Lottery Number:

All on-campus students are assumed to be living on-campus next year unless they declare otherwise, however to get the best Lottery Number possible, students must register for a specific housing process through My Lottery. Registering early gets you up to 2 bonus credits toward your Lottery Group (ie. you can be in a group 2 levels better than you would have been otherwise). Students who do not register at all will still get a Lottery number, but it will be in Group 1... the lowest group.

Lottery Events:

Housing Lottery for students requesting Special Interest Housing (Quiet House and Wellness Housing) is held at 5:00PM on Monday, April 21st in Jefferson 320. Students interested in all other Lifestyle Housing select beginning at 6:00PM on Monday, April 21st in Jefferson 320 with groups selecting using a Group 10 number. Group 9 numbers select beginning at 6:45PM, Group 8 numbers begin at 8:30, etc. Please see the Lottery Timelines for full details about selection times. Note that only students who are required to live on campus (rising sophomores) are eligible to use their Lottery number for Traditional Lifestyle Housing Lottery. Juniors and Seniors who wish to live with a rising sophomore can do so, but their Lottery number will not be used to determine the selection order. Junior and Senior students who wish to live in Traditional Lifestyle Housing without a sophomore can request to be assigned through the Automatic Summer Assignment List.

How Lottery Works:

During Lottery Events, the RLH Office will call out unused numbers in order from lowest to highest, starting at 1. If you are part of a group of 2 or more students, your group will select housing when the best (lowest) number in the group is called. Once you hear your number called, please be ready to select your room, suite or apartment with every member of your group or their proxy (assigned through My Lottery). Once you have selected a space, you may not change this assignment until the two week room freeze ends in the fall. You can find a real time list of available rooms here. This will help you strategize before your number is called.

When You Arrive at the Room Selection Process:

  • Know your lottery number
  • Bring your current Clark ID
  • Monitor the progress of numbers called so you know when you or your group will be up.
  • Be patient and try to relax!