Residential Life and Housing

resident hall common area

Lottery Groups

RLH distributes lottery numbers by "Class Year". Each Class year has a set of numbers and those numbers are randomly assigned within the group.


If you choose to enter Housing Selection you will be given a number based on your class year

  • Groups: Students can form groups from 1-8 students and attend housing selection at the earliest possible time of the group.
  • Selecting a Space: Once in attendance at Housing Selection, students must pick a space. A group must fill an entire unit and cannot assign students to outside units. If a unit does not exist that fits an entire group the student whose time and number is being used must reduce the group size and find a new location.
  • 2014 Summer Assignment List Bonus: Students who were automatically assigned by RLH following the 2014-2015 Housing Lottery have been given the earilest time within their class year. Their lottery number remains the same for the summer room change process.
  • Summer Room Change Process: In an effort to maximize satisfaction, a summer room change process will be used to offer room changes to spaces that become vacant. Students will receive a final confirmation email with their assignment in early May. In this email will be a link to complete if you are interested in a room change offer. Students will be offered room changes in reverse lottery number order-by class based on available spaces and peferences listed.