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Academic Internships

The Summer 2014 Academic Internship Application Deadline is Friday, June 27th, 2014 at 5 PM.

What is an Academic Internship at Clark?

An academic internship is a credit-bearing, career-related work experience of limited duration in which an individual takes on responsible roles outside of the traditional university environment in a non-profit organization, government office or for-profit business.

Internships must include training and supervision. Depending on the employer, some internship positions are paid. This valuable form of professional training provides students with the opportunity to test their career interests in an off-campus setting. Sophomores, juniors, or seniors may earn academic credit for internships during the fall, spring or summer terms.

Note: Undergraduate students MUST read the Academic Credit Internship Program Description (PDF) in order to apply for an internship for credit at Clark. Graduate students do not use this paperwork; instead, they work with their academic departments to obtain credit.

Clark Students Write About Their Internship Experiences

BRIAN—Comcast SportsNet New England, General Newsroom

What are the tasks you work on for this organization?
Comcast SportsNet New England is a sports broadcasting and news network based in New England that focuses on the professional and collegiate sports in the area. Aside from a strong lineup of sport discussion and sport news programming, CSNNE also is the main carrier for the Boston Celtics basketball and New England Revolution soccer games.

My official title is "General Newsroom Intern." Basically, my role is to assist producers and directors in selecting and creating stories to report on our shows: SportsNet Central, Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight, Celtics Now, Sports Sunday, Celtics Pregame LIVE, Celtics Postgame LIVE, and the Baseball Show. I usually begin my shift by looking through online sources and the Associated Press to research possible stories for the later broadcasts. At 6 p.m. I go into the control room and assist with the live broadcast of SportsNet Central. After that the interns are usually assigned a game, sometimes two or three, to watch. From there we clip and edit a highlight reel to be used in the 10:30 broadcasts of SportsNet Central. Interns are also responsible for writing shot sheets for the anchors so they know what the highlight reel contains. After all of this, I will assist with the broadcast of the 10:30 show and, depending on the status of any high profile games or stories that may still be developing, the interns get to go home.
What have you learned through the internship?
I have gotten hands-on experience with the different multimedia equipment and in the broadcast control room. At CSNNE, they really like the interns to branch out and do as much as possible during their time there. One aspect of sports broadcasting I was interested in was live field reporting during sporting events and so I was able to go with a game day crew to a Boston Bruins game to work and experience the world of sports reporting. It has definitely given me a newfound appreciation for the way live broadcasts, not just sporting events, are produced and conducted. I feel these experiences have strengthened both my interest in professional sports and also my skills and knowledge of the industry which are important to furthering my career.
How did you find this internship opportunity?
I found the internship with help from the Career Services staff on the Clark Recruiter database.

JOE—NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

What were the specific tasks you worked on for this organization?
My work will involve learning about the mathematical and physical behavior of stationary, nonstationary and stochastic systems. Most of the analytical modeling that I will be conducting will be done with the help of MatLab. Some of my work will include analysis of data collected by Aquarius, an orbiting satellite that uses a radiometer to measure the salinity of Earth's oceans.
What have you learned from this internship?
I had been meaning to gain some simple programming skills and I have some now. I learned a lot of things here that I would never have learned at school. I wish I could have dug deeper into the research and analysis; however, I ran into some obstacles with my data sets that required a lot of data "tweaking" and was a distraction. My mentor was very helpful though with any problems I came across in my research and he would often help me work out a problem in person and also point me to several helpful books that described related phenomenon or methods of analysis.
How did you first find out about your internship opportunity?
It was listed in the school's Student Digest that NASA was looking for undergraduate researchers.

DANIELLE—Center for Families at Children's Hospital

What were the specific tasks you worked on for this organization?
I helped to run a bereavement clinic for parents and families who had lost a child, this included planning, running group discussions, transcribing several hours of notes and conversations, and writing a detailed summary of the event, which I presented to the people I worked with. I also presented at the 2nd Annual Conference for Patient and Family-Centered Care. This is an invitational conference that was held in Boston. I had to prepare a presentation of the work I had done with teenage patients as well as with families and give a talk on it. Additionally, I supervised several patients, siblings of patients, and volunteers who make up the Teen Advisory Committee as they filmed a short documentary, created a website, and planned a hospital-wide presentation about the Teen Advisory Committee and what they do. I also helped to plan two hospital-wide events for teenaged patients.
What have you learned from this internship?
I was able to interact with patients, improve communication skills, work independently, and actively problem solve under intense situations. I was also able to form relationships with families.
How did you first find out about your internship opportunity?
I found out about the internship since I have been working there for 6 years.