Career Services

Four Years of Exploration

The First Year

Year one will begin with a session during New Student Orientation introducing participants in the program to the Office of Career Services and to CCEP. Later in the fall there will be career-related sessions on a variety of liberal arts topics.

As a CCEP participant you will also meet individually with a career counselor during your first year to begin to identify potential areas of interest.

The Second Year

Year two will include a workshop focusing on the usefulness of obtaining internships and explaining how Career Services, together with faculty, can best assist sophomores in researching internship opportunities, getting involved in faculty research projects, and exploring Study Abroad programs for your junior year. Additionally we will offer instruction on building a professional portfolio, writing a resume and cover letter, and introductory information on networking skills.

The Third Year

Year three will help you clarify your interests and strategies and begin to focus more on a career path by refining your career-search and job-readiness skills. A host of job search readiness exercises will be administered during the year, designed to help you further identify areas of preference such as work values, work environments, and work relationships. By the end of your junior year, you will have prepared a resume and, where appropriate, will have participated or be about to participate in an internship, a study abroad experience, or a research project with a faculty member.

The Fourth Year

By the beginning of your fourth year, you will be experienced in resume and cover letter preparation, should be able to interview and network effectively, have a clear focus of a career choice or graduate/professional school options, and be ready to put all of this to use through on-campus recruiting, the individual job search process, or preparing your applications for graduate and professional school.