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Sustainable Clark

Physical Plant Recycles

A variety of items on campus are diverted from the waste stream and recycled but are not handled by student recycling staff.

Fluorescent light bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's) are collected for recycling by various members of Physical Plant staff. Since fluorescent bulbs contain a very small amount of mercury vapor (required for the bulb to operate), they are considered a subcategory of hazardous waste known as Universal Waste and cannot be included with regular recyclables or waste..

Yard and landscaping wastes are collected by the grounds crew for composting off campus at the Hadwen Arboretum.

Waste oil and other mechanical fluids, as well as oil-based paints, are collected for recycling by Physical Plant staff that generate these items.

Student computer equipment, electronics and phones are also recyclable on campus; students wishing to recycle equipment contact us for specific details about the options available to them. Please note: Computers MUST be segregated from regular trash.

Scrap metal is diverted from the campus waste stream via a dedicated container located at the Recycling Center.

Grease and fry oil from the kitchens is diverted from the waste stream via a dedicated container located at the University Center. It is processed into biodiesel locally and returned to Clark as B-10 heating oil for 138 Woodland. St.