Business and Financial Services

Risk Management

Accident Reporting

  • To report an accident involving a Clark owned vehicle, complete an Automobile Accident Information Form and forward it to the business manager. Blank forms should be kept in the vehicle's glove box and used to gather the appropriate information in the event of an accident. If the accident results in an injury or vehicle damage in excess of $1,000 a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report form should also be completed.
  • On the job accidents resulting in an injury, no matter how minor, must be reported to the Human Resources Department at 508-793-7294. Please also see the Worker's Compensation section below. On the job accidents that don't result in any injury should be reported to the appropriate supervisor.
  • Any other accidents should be reported to the Business Manager.

Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is provided by Clark's insurance company upon request to provide evidence of Clark's insurance coverage. To request a certificate of insurance, please contact the Business Manager. To expedite the issuance of the certificate, please provide the name and address of the company requesting the certificate. Please plan ahead and allow 3 business days for the certificate request to be processed.

Clark Alerts

Clark ALERTS is Clark University's emergency notification system, which uses a variety of methods to contact students, faculty, and staff.

Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan represents established guidelines for Clark University personnel and departments about how to respond to major emergencies.

Safety Fund

The Clark University Safety Fund was established to promote employee safety by underwriting the cost of purchasing equipment, materials, supplies or services that will enhance employee safety.

Safety and Risk Management Committee

The Safety and Risk Management Committee meets approximately once per month to discuss topics related to the safety of the Clark community with the goal of making Clark safer for it's faculty, staff and students. Meeting topics have included emergency planning, worker safety, health issues, safety programs and inspections, etc.

Travel Insurance/Assistance

Details of the travel insurance/assistance program offered by Clark to Faculty, Staff and Students. Primarily pertains to international travel.

Vehicle Insurance

Information on automobile insurance pertaining to personal, rental or University owned vehicles used on Clark-related business.

Worker's Compensation

Please view the worker's compensation page for information regarding employee safety, reporting an injury, and worker's compensation benefits.