Business and Financial Services

Payroll Office

General Payroll Policies

  1. Purpose

    To specify accurate payroll guidelines for all individuals employed by Clark University.

  2. Overview of payroll processes

    In order for Undergraduate students to be established as employees of the University (both workstudy and non-workstudy), the department must contact Christine Carney in the Student Employment division of the Financial Aid Office,

    In order for Graduate students to be established as employees of the University, the department must contact Barbara Kokoski in the Payroll Office,

    In order for Faculty, Hourly Staff, or Administrators to be established as employees of the University, the department must contact the Human Resources Office,

    Outside vendors and providers of temporary assistance are not paid through payroll, but through the Accounts Payable department. For instructions on outside vendor service compensation, see the policy on check requests.

  3. Tax regulations

    Tax guidelines are available to help employees be aware of tax regulations and their estimated federal and state liabilities. Circular E is the Federal tax guide, and Circular M is the state tax guide. Circular E is available at and Circular M is available for download at Both documents are also available in hard copy at the Payroll Office.

    All employees, including international employees, must submit a W-4 tax form with their paperwork upon registering as an employee. The W-4 form and the state tax form – M-4 - are available at the Payroll Office. You can download the W-4 form at and the M-4 form at

    All employees must submit the I-9 form. See the manual section on considerations for international students(link) for further information.

    International students and employees claiming a tax exemption under a tax treaty must submit the 8233 form available at the Payroll Office and online at

  4. Pay Cycles and Pay Stubs

    Paystubs are available online via ClarkYOU. Instructions on how to access your electronic paystub can be found at Payroll Forms, Dates & Instructions.

    Pay cycles for all employees occur every other Friday. See Payroll Forms, Dates & Instructions for more information.

    If a designated payday falls on University holiday, then employees will be paid on the last business day before the holiday.

    Web Time Entry (WTE) submissions for all hourly employees (undergraduates, graduate students and non-student employees) should be submitted and approved by noon on the Monday prior to the Friday payday.

    The Payroll Office cannot guarantee processing of your electronic timesheet if it is not submitted by the Monday deadline.

    Additionally, the Financial Aid Office provides handbooks for students containing similar information on payroll.

  5. Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit is required of all Clark employees - graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and administration.

    The direct deposit form is available online or in the Payroll Office. New employees should submit the form with all original paperwork requested to establish an employee record and to complete the official hiring process. (Undergraduate students to Financial Aid, Graduate students to Payroll and all other employees to the HR Office). Any changes to existing Direct Deposits should be directed to the Payroll Office. It is important that you include a voided check or letter from your bank confirming the routing numbers and bank account information.

    The net amount paid will be available in the employee's bank account on the Friday payday.