Academic Advancement

ACE Mentors

ACE mentors are selected each spring to support the ACE program for the following school year. ACE mentors are upperclassmen students who have completed the ACE program, demonstrated leadership on campus, and are committed to helping their peers succeed.

Mentor Application Deadline: March 31st, 2014

Graduate Assistant Biographies

Tamara Nelson (Graduate Assistant and support to ACE) is a third year doctoral student in clinical psychology here at Clark. She received her B.S. in Psychology and Exercise Science from Rutgers University and her M.P.H. in Epidemiology from San Diego State University. Prior to attending Clark, Tamara worked as a Research Associate in the research and evaluation department at the Boston Public Health Commission. Tamara enjoys working with directly with the ACE students and assisting the Office of Academic Advancement.

Jason Moreira (Graduate Assistant and support to ACE) is a 5th Year Masters student in biology here at Clark. He received his B.A. in Environmental Science (Conservation Biology track). Jason’s research  for the past three years has been on threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in the Foster/Baker Lab. Being a first generation college student and a member of the ALANA community himself; he was part of the other ALANA pre-orientation program (Connections@Clark) his first year and was a mentor the following year. Jason loves the outdoors whether it's deep in the woods, in the middle of the ocean or downtown Boston shopping.


Meet your 2014 Mentors!

 Colin Dollard is a junior (Class of 2016) and is a double major of Math and Environmental Science and Policy. He likes sports, to hangout, and being physical. The sports he likes are basketball, fencing, football. Colin is excited to be a mentor because he is a returning mentor and he can’t wait so to see how the new mentees are different from the previous years as well as to see the different changes that have been made to the program though the various feedback.

 “What I like most about my Academic Advancement experience is the family that I have gained and all the people that I have met and got the chance to share an experience with that will not end.” - Colin


Tajshana Solomon is a junior (Class of 2016) majoring in Psychology with a minor in Education and a concentration in Race and Ethnic Relations. Outside of school, Tajsh likes to dance and is currently on HHC (Hip Hop Collabo) which is the Hip Hop dance group on campus.

Tajsh is excited to be an ACE mentor again because she knows how supportive of a community ACE is and she is excited to welcome more people into the ACE.


“My experience working with ACE has been nothing short of fantastic. ACE is like my family away from home.” - Tajsh


Eriberto Mora is a sophomore (Class of 2017) majoring in Psychology with a minor in entrepreneurship. Outside of school, he likes to swim and works as a lifeguard. During his job as a lifeguard, he mentors new upcoming lifeguards and teaches people how to swim. He is excited to be an ACE mentor because having to adjust to a new environment is challenging, especially as a new college student and he hopes that by sharing his own experiences that he can help others by easing any fears or anxiety new students may be facing.

“Realizing that I was going to be transitioning to a new environment caused me to experience anxiety and become worried. My fear as an incoming student was that I would have trouble finding support in college. During the ACE period and throughout the first year at Clark, Academic Advancement assisted me when I was struggling the most. College is not an easy journey; it takes dedication and determination to succeed. It is a bumpy road, and it’s not always smooth. That's why I like ACE because it became a guide in making my transition to Clark as smooth as possible.” – Eriberto    


  Sabina Verghese is a junior (Class of 2016) majoring in International Development and Social Change. Sabina was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and she goes back there every other year to visit family and friends for the holidays. She loves to travel, dance, and discover new restaurants/pastry shops around Worcester.  She is excited to get to know you all through the program and can't wait to explore Clark again, this time as an ACE mentor! 

“The best part about Academic Advancement is that they work so hard to make sure that they can help a wide range of students achieve the best academic success at Clark. They're determined to make your experience at Clark, memorable and engaging.” – Sabina  

   Jennifer Pham is a sophomore (Class of 2017) majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. She loves fashion and merchandising. Especially putting looks together and making people feel beautiful and special. She is excited to be an ACE mentor because she loves getting to know new people and being a role model for her fellow peers.

 "What I love about Academic Advancement is that everyone is so friendly and genuine. The people there really do and truly care for a students education and progression throughout their time at Clark both academically and personally." - Jennifer

Lukas Leung is a junior (Class of 2016) majoring in Math and Computer Science. Lukas is on the Clark Swimming and Diving team as a freestyle sprinter. He is also the equipment manager for the Computer Science Club. He speaks conversational Swedish but says he is terrible at all other languages. He is from Memphis, TN and has travelled quite a bit.

"I cannot wait to meet all the new ACErs and really get to know them! The people in Academic Advancement are great and the amount that they prepare you for university is phenomenal!" - Lukas