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LEEP Projects

LEEP Projects are problem-based projects that students complete during the summer working alongside a faculty mentor and with an external organization.
These projects offer real-world application of course material, provide an opportunity to engage with others outside of Clark, and enhance mastery of the LEEP learning outcomes.

Two types of LEEP Projects are available:

  • Students may secure a pre-identified project listed in the Clark Recruiter, often sponsored by a Clark alumnus, LEEP partner, or faculty member here at Clark.  Descriptions of pre-identified projects will be made available on a rolling basis in the Clark Recruiter beginning January 12, 2015.
  • Students may design/secure their own project using the resources of the LEEP Center, Clark Recruiter database, or their own network.

Who can complete a LEEP Project?

  • Primarily juniors, though sophomores will be considered if 1) the project is developmentally appropriate; and 2) they can make a compelling case as to how the project relates to their future goals
  • Previous LEEP Pioneers are not eligible
  • Student cannot be on social or academic probation

We fund:

  • Problem-based projects that students complete during the summer working alongside a faculty mentor and with an external organization. These projects should:
    • Offer real-world applications of course material
    • Allow authentic problem-solving experiences
    • Provide an opportunity to engage with others outside of Clark
    • Enhance mastery of the LEEP learning outcomes
    • Serve as a capstone, or culminating experience

How Do I Apply to do a LEEP Project?

  1. Talk to a LEEP Center advisor
    • Walk-in hours held 2 – 4 pm every day in Dana Commons beginning January 12, 2015
  2. Have your résumé and cover letter reviewed by Career Services
    •      Walk-in hours held 12- 4 pm every day in Dana Commons, 2nd Floor
  3. Complete the online tutorial (available in January), and work with a LEEP Center advisor as necessary
  4. A) Apply to and secure the position; or B) Design your project
  5. Submit your LEEP Fellows application

LEEP Projects/Fellows Application Deadlines

  • LEEP Fellows application opens January 16
  • There are two deadlines: Friday, February 27 and Friday, April 17
    • Students can expect a decision within 2-3 weeks of the application deadlines

The LEEP Fellows Program

The LEEP Fellows Program is designed to provide students with the comprehensive pre- and post-project advising, support, and training they need to have successful summer opportunities and leverage those experiences for future opportunities. All students who complete LEEP Projects will also be LEEP Fellows. Students participating in other activities, such as internships and undergraduate research experiences, or other types of projects, such as Steinbrecher and Barth fellowships, can also apply to be a LEEP Fellow.

LEEP Funding

Who is eligible to receive LEEP funding?

  1. LEEP funding is only available for those students completing LEEP Projects
  2. Funding is competitive, but preference is given to those students completing projects sponsored by a Clark alumnus, LEEP partner, or faculty member at Clark
  3. All students must submit an application in order to be considered for LEEP funding.

How do I receive LEEP funding

  • Students should indicate that they wish to be considered for LEEP funding on the LEEP Fellows application
  • A stipend of up to $2500 may be available*
    • Students who secure a paid opportunity are only eligible to receive LEEP funding if their total compensation is less than $2500
    • Students will need to apply for funding and funding decisions will be made by a faculty committee
  • No student will receive more than $2500 of LEEP funding; no double-dipping is allowed

        *Receipt of outside funds may lessen or negate Clark funding


International LEEP Projects

What to Consider When Planning an International Project
International Travel Checklist: Things to Do Before You Confirm Plans
LEEP Projects/LEEP Fellows International Travel Application Form


Helpful Tools

LEEP Projects, the LEEP Fellows Program, and LEEP Funding Information for Students

How to find LEEP Projects Using Clark Recruiter

LEEP Fellows Application

Interviewing Tips

Writing Your LEEP Project/LEEP Fellows Proposal

Funding Sources

LEEP Projects Guide for Prospective Project Sponsors


Contact The LEEP Center at 508-793-8819.