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LEEP Center Advisers

Michelle Bata
Associate Dean and Director of the LEEP Center

Michelle is responsible for the operational and programmatic aspects of the LEEP Center, including LEEP Center Advising and LEEP Projects. She also oversees the offices of the LEEP Center— including Career Services, Community Engagement, Study Abroad, and the Writing Center.

Michelle received her M.A. and Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Arizona, and her A.B. in sociology and Hispanic studies from Boston College.



Adriane van Gils Pierce
Associate Director of the LEEP Center and Director of Study Abroad and Away Programs

She is responsible for directing the study abroad and away program, providing extensive professional support for the LEEP Center, and also serves as a LEEP Center adviser.

Adriane received her B.A. in International and Comparative Studies and her M.A.L.A. in Intercultural Communication from Clark University.



Vickie Cox-Lanyon
Assistant Director of the LEEP Center and Director of Career Services

She oversees the Career Services office, assists with LEEP Center programming, and serves as a LEEP Center adviser.

Vickie holds a B.A. in Psychology from Trinity College in Hartford and an M.S. in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.



Jennifer Plante
Director of the Writing Center and Writing Program

She is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Writing Center and Writing Program, and she also serves as a LEEP Center adviser.

Jen received her B.S. in the humanities from WPI and her M.A. in English from Clark University.



Micki Davis
Director of Community Engagement & Volunteering

She is responsible for connecting Clark students with opportunities at Worcester organizations and works with faculty to implement community-based learning courses; she also serves as a LEEP Center adviser.

Micki graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in history and received her M.P.A. from Clark University. Micki serves as the Vice-President of the Board of Directors at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts, and is also on the CEO advisery Council for YWCA USA.



Amy Whitney
Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

She supervises part-time faculty, advises students interested in the minor and starting ventures. She also teaches undergraduate management and leadership courses, and serves as a LEEP Center adviser.

Amy received her M.B.A. and B.A. from Clark University. Amy has recently started coursework to pursue an Ed.D. from Northeastern University.



Constance (Connie) Whitehead Hanks
Associate Director of Study Abroad and Away Programs

She is responsible for working with students and the related communities in providing study abroad experiences throughout the world. She also serves as a LEEP Center adviser.

Connie received her B.A. from Connecticut College, and is currently working on her M.S. in Professional Communication at Clark. Connie sits on the Board of Directors for the YMCA of Central Massachusetts.



Ben Gardner
Coordinator of Student Programs

As the Coordinator of Student Programs, he works to engage with students and student groups. In this capacity, he supports existing student initiatives and holds preliminary conversations with students interested in forming new ventures and programs. Ben also serves as a LEEP Center Advisor.

Ben holds a BA and MS in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University.


Lee Goldstein
Associate Director of Career Services

She is responsible for the academic internship program, serving as a LEEP Center adviser, and advising students on developing the competencies and tool necessary to conduct effective job and internship searches.

Lee received her bachelor's degree in sociology from Brandeis University and her M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from UMass Amherst.



Jessica Bane Robert
Assistant Director of the Writing Center and Writing Program

She assists with writing center operations, and coordinates the personal statement writing program. She also serves as a LEEP Center advisor.

Jess graduated from Worcester State University with a BA in English. She received her MA Teaching Certificate from Worcester State, and her MFA in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine. Her award-winning poems and essays have appeared in numerous journals.



Brian Hanna
Assistant Director of Career Services

He manages employer relations and alumni networking through the LEEP Center as well as advises students on how to prepare themselves for their professional life after they graduate.

Brian received his bachelor's degree in Communication and Culture from Clark University. 



Evette Walters
Coordinator of Academic Advising

She is responsible for providing academic support to students and also serves as a LEEP Center adviser.

Evette received her bachelor's degree in social services from Clark University, and is currently pursuing an M.P.A. at Clark University.



LEEP Center Staff

Alexis Bazoukas
Marketing and Technology Coordinator for the LEEP Center

She provides marketing for all LEEP Center-related events through the use of social media, Web, and print materials. She also maintains the recruiting database and serves as the primary point person for the LEEP Center student information systems.

Alexis received her B.A. in Communications and Theatre from Roger Williams University and her M.S. in Professional Communications from Clark University.



Susan Priest
LEEP Center Administrative Assistant

She provides administrative and organizational support to each office within the LEEP Center.

Susan earned her associates degree in general science from Massachusetts Bay Community College.