Feb. 8, 2010

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Submit Campus Digest news online

Just a reminder that Campus Digest will soon cease to arrive via e-mail every Monday.

The Campus Digest is an internal communication tool for Clark faculty, staff and students.   It offers information about campus news, upcoming events, administrative notes for faculty and staff, and the personal and professional accomplishments of the Clark community.  It serves as an important vehicle for general news and announcements from the University for the community.  Campus Digest also communicates announcements from departments on campus, and may include general announcements from a variety of campus sources that may be of special interest to the Clark community.

All items for the Campus Digest will be submitted by the information owner. Authors are responsible for their own content and are expected to follow all submission guidelines.  Submitted articles will be reviewed by an editor who will either approve and publish the article or return the article to be resubmitted.  The decision of an editor is final and authors who have their article returned to them will be expected to make the proposed changes and resubmit for approval.

All articles should be timely and include information relevant to the Clark community.  If an article’s relevance will be null after a certain date/time, the Author has the option to expire the post so that the article will disappear from ClarkYOU a the pre-determined date/time.

Articles will be reviewed by an editor within 24 hours of their submission or the next business day.  For example, an article submitted at 3 pm on a Wednesday will be reviewed by 3 pm on Thursday, but an article submitted on Friday at 4 pm may not be reviewed and/or published/returned for edits until Monday at 4 pm.  Authors should plan accordingly and submit articles in a timely fashion.

Any articles submitted for “Marketplace” should include the relevant contact information of the seller.  News Digest will not post student sublets or property rental information.

How to post an article to Campus Digest

Campus Digest uses a very straightforward editing tool to allow everyday users to enter nicely formatted text. After logging in, you’ll arrive at the Dashboard which will maintain a history of  your post activity.  Posts that are currently active will show here as well as posts that are expired.

1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Posts in the left sidebar and choose Add New.

2. Enter a title for your post.

3. Type your content into the main text container and style it as desired using bold, italics, numbering/bullets, text alignment, etc.  More tutorials are available on how to add images, links etc.

4. Make sure to choose a category for your post.

4. Click post for review.  This will trigger a note to the editor that there is a post waiting for approval.  Whether your post is approved or denied, you’ll receive a notification in your Clark email account.  Your post will appear in Campus Digest or Marketplace based on the date/time it was published by the editor (usually within 24 hours or 1 business day of your submission.)