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Read: Nagraj Rao crunches numbers for a living, but to him these are not just figures on a spread sheet...
Read: Scott Silver makes movies for a living, but often his most essential tool is not a camera or an editing machine, but his cell phone...
Read: Shortsleeves is a chemist. But the front line in the war against disease is populated by soldiers like her who are uniformed in white lab coats and do battle at the molecular level.
Read: Introduction to American Politics with Prof. Mark Miller. It was his first class, in his first semester, and it was all Ethan Zorfas needed to see his career path.
Read: In April 2007, Katie Cordes was entertaining job offers from recruiting companies when she stumbled upon the ad for her dream job...
Read: How many people do you know who have the words “diversified herd management,” “intensive grazing rotation” and “barn chores” on their resume?
Read: Josh Kohler ’07 thanks pirates, puppets and rock and roll for his career break.
Read: Want to sculpt those cheekbones for your next femme fatale film role? Jim Mancuso '07 can help...
Read: Sitting in on board meetings with senior-level university and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) officials was not something history major Brooks Marmon expected to be doing this early in his career.
Read: Aaron Joslow ’05 likes to tell stories...
Watch: Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, professor of psychology, spoke to guidance counselors about his research into Emerging Adulthood.
Watch: President David Angel Clark discusses how a Clark education prepares students for life, career and citizenship.
Watch: Ben Schaeffer '15 describes his experience on Clark University's EMS squad.
Watch: When Ann Salerno '13 asked for more responsibility during her London internship, she ended up writing a constitution for a local gardening group.
Watch: Hannah Berry '12 describes Clark's new model of education, LEEP, and how it relates to her academic experience.
Watch: Matt Warndorf '12 learned scientific research first hand with Clark Biology Professor Todd Livdahl.
Read: Caitlin Thayer does not take her feet for granted, and with good reason...
Watch: Champo Mapulanga, a Clark University undergrad from Zambia, talks about LEEP, Clark's pioneering model of education.
Read: Blaize Denfeld '10 has the freedom to plan her research and schedule, making her job, she says, “very multidimensional.”
Watch: Jill Dagilis M.P.A. '01 of the Worcester Community Action Council, discusses Project Playground with a Clarkie.
Watch: John Kauer '67, Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience at Tufts University School of Medicine, traces his career path back to pivotal research experiences at Clark University.
Read: Wendi Trilling’s rise from temp to executive vice president of comedy at CBS
Read: Reflect on the Life of Clark's seventh President, Richard Traina
Read: Rich Fields '03 remembers September 11 ten years later.
Read: Edwin Aldrin ’15 helped a nation look skyward alongside Goddard, Lindbergh, and a son named Buzz.