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Read: Clark University is credited with the use of mazes to study rat behavior.
Read: "How Clark Changed My Life Without my Knowing it" - Patrick Davis '00
Read: His research on "emerging adulthood" has make Prof. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett an international expert on the lives, loves and ambitions of 18- to 29-year-olds.
Read: At 110, Goldie Michelson, M.A. '36, reflects on her life and passion for theater.
Scott Rechler '89 is a major force in the competitive world of Manhattan real estate, but among his greatest achievements is helping One World Trade Center rise from the ashes of Ground Zero. Growing up in New York, he had wanted to attend the sort of leafy New England college whose personality was entwined with a deep...
Read: Sociology professor Bob Ross started trying to challenge convention and change the world even before he arrived at Clark.
Watch: Clark undergrad Abe Doubleday Bush talks about emotion, loss and friendship.
A look at Clark University's accelerated B.A./M.B.A. tuition-free program. (Video and music by Jonathan Dana '16)
Watch: Clark University "Happy" by Pharrell #HAPPYDAY.
Watch: A recap of Spree Day 2014.
Watch: Clarkie Suaida Firoze talks about her life perspective and her relationship.
Watch: A Clarkie talks about her picture of the world.
Watch: Clark Voices Series: Biology Professor David Hibbett
Listen: Clark English Professor and certified "patched" baseball umpire, Jay Elliott, tells one of his favorite umpire stories.
Watch: Michele Corbet '14 talks about why he likes studying biochemistry and molecular biology at Clark.
Watch: Joshua Bugge '14 talks about why he likes majoring in biology at Clark.
Watch: Biology major and fifth-year master's student Audrey Seiz '14 talks about why she likes studying biology at Clark.
Watch: Amanda Barbosa '14 discusses why she likes studying biochemistry and molecular biology at Clark.
Watch: Qualified Clark undergrads can earn a B.A. and M.A. degree in communications with the fifth year tuition free.
Watch: Clark Athletics Service Learning Trip (CAST) to Guatemala.
Watch: A look at the community work of the International Center of Worcester.
Listen: Richard Blanco reads "America" and "Papa's Bridge."
Watch: Sara Brown, Stern Family Fellow at Clark's Strassler Center, is interviewed at the launch of Kwibuka20.
Watch: Richard Treitman '73 describes how his English degree has been the foundation for his career.
Watch: Christopher Brennan, a student athlete and Chinese history concentrator, describes his career path.