How to Apply

Once you decide to apply to one of our graduate programs, take a moment to review the requirements for the particular degree you plan to pursue.

Ready to apply?

  • Create an account on our application portal.
  • Follow the instructions to apply for your specific program.
  • Upload any additional required credentials.
  • Pay your application fee.
  • Send test scores electronically (if required). Clark's GRE code is 3279; GMAT, Q4X-6X-85; and TOEFL, 5969.
  • Monitor your application status, ensure all of your credentials have been received and view your final decision once a review has been completed.

Any questions? If you have questions or concerns about your application, at any point, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office for assistance. We will be in touch with you throughout the application process with updates.

Application Portal

Do you want to take a single course?

Students not yet enrolled in a degree program may take up to two courses before applying to a program. Any course with the MSPC, MSIT, and MPA designation is open for registration. Please refer to the course listing and schedules for classes open for the semester’s registration. Graduate School of Management and International Development, Community, and Environment also offer courses to students not yet enrolled in a degree program (see below). If you’re interested in a taking a course with a different designation, please contact our Graduate Admissions Office to learn what courses might be available.

Graduate School of Management Courses

  • ACCT 4100 - Foundations of Accounting
  • ACCT 4101 - Foundations of Financial Accounting
  • ECON 4004 - Management Economics
  • MGMT 4050 - Foundations of Effective Management
  • MGMT 4302 - Organizational Leadership
  • MGMT 4708 - Business Law I
  • MGMT 4709 - Business in Society
  • MGMT 4712 - International Transactions
  • MGMT 5201 - Human Resources Management
  • MGMT 5304 - Negotiating Difficult Transactions
  • MGMT 5404 - Corporate Intellectual Property
  • MGMT 5505 - Introduction to Greening the Organization
  • MGMT 5543 - Project Management
  • MGMT 5611 - Leading Change
  • MGMT 5615 - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • MIS 4500 - Management Information Systems

International Development, Community, and Environment Courses

  • IDCE 319 - Quantitative Methods & Statistics for Eval.
  • IDCE 30103 - Introduction to Epidemiology & Biostatistics 
  • IDCE 30107 - Development, Urban Refugees & Forced Migration 
  • IDCE 30103 - Networks & Analytics of Development

To start the process, please submit the graduate course registration form.

Registration Form