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Graduate School of Management


Description: faculty research seminar series

The GSOM Faculty Research Seminar Series is an interdisciplinary vehicle for the discussion of academic research. The goal of the seminar series is to provide a local forum for interaction that supports the development of research-in-progress into high-quality papers and presentations that contribute to the theory, practice, and teaching of management and related fields.

We invite scholars from all disciplines with an interest in management related topics to participate in the 2015-2016 GSOM Research Seminar Series. Anyone interested in obtaining feedback on a current research project is welcome to present in this series. Contact the series' Chair, Lin Boldt, at GSlboldt@clarku.edu for a list of available dates and to request a date on the calendar.

Please see the instructions for presenters below.

All seminars will be held from 12:15-1:15pm in Carlson Hall, RM 231, unless otherwise noted.

2015-2016 Presentations

January 20, 2016

Jing Zhang, Ph.D.
and Lin Boldt, Ph.D.

"Is Organic Labelling Enough? Information Disclosure as Policy Instrument to Empower Consumer Choices"
December 2

Rita Wang, PhD

"Does the Built-in XBRL Implementation Strategy Mitigate Earnings Management in Public Companies?"
November 11

Will O'Brien, JD, MBA

"Sustainability in Higher Education Using Experiential Learning"
October 7

Edward Weinberger, PhD

"Probalistic Accounting: The Need, The Difficulty, and A Quick Win"

September 9

Open Discussion

"The Secrets to Publishing"

2014-2015 Presentations

November 12

David Tang, PhD, Assistant Professor, Finance

Insider Trading Informativeness and Firm Opacity

December 10

Ari Yezegel, PhD, Assistant Professor of Accounting-Bentley University

The Persistence of Firm-Specific Post-Earnings Announcement Returns

January 14, 2015 Laura Graves, PhD, Professor of Management

Managerial Motivational Profiles: Composition, Antecedents, and Consequences

February 18

Guillaume Weisang, PhD, Assistant Professor, Finance

Robust Filtering, Portfolio Replication and Leverage Effect
March 18 Gary Chaison, PhD, Professor, Industrial Relations Another Look at Union Mergers
April 8 David Correll, PhD, Assistant Professor Towards an Epistemological Understanding of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Theory: The Ethical Mediator View


Seminars can follow either one of the following two formats: 

Round-Table Discussion

This is an interactive format most appropriate for papers in early stages of development that could benefit from informal feedback from others. It could be anything from a brainstorming session of a budding concept to a critical evaluation of a theoretical model or determination of an appropriate methodology. Projects suitable for round-table discussions are typically not complete papers. For round-table discussion, speakers/authors are required to send a 1-2 page abstract at least one week prior to the day of the seminar. Authors may also bring hand-outs to be distributed.


This is a formal presentation. More fully developed papers follow this format. Papers may be presented in this format before their final submission to a major conference or journal. Authors for these types of papers need to send the complete paper at least one week prior to their presentations.

Both the abstracts for round-table discussions and the papers for the presentations will be available on this website prior to the scheduled seminar. The total duration of the seminar is 60 minutes. This includes the time for the author(s), as well as discussion with the audience. Authors are asked to prepare and manage their time accordingly.

If you are interested in presenting any of your projects or would like more information, please email GSOMResearchSeminar@clarku.edu.