Graduate School of Management

Laura Graves

Laura M. Graves

Professor of Management
Graduate School of Management
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: 508-793-7466
Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Graves

PhD, University of Connecticut

Research Interests

Work motivation, work-life integration, managing diversity.

Teaching Courses

Creating Effective Organizations: Leadership
Diversity in Business

Key Publications/Presentations

Graves, L. M., Ruderman, M. N., Ohlott, P. J., & Weber, T. (in press).  Driven to work and enjoyment of work: Effects on managers’ outcomes.  Journal of Management.

Graves L. M. & Sarkis, J.  (in press).  Fostering employee proenvironmental behavior: The impact of leadership and motivation.  In D. R. Gallagher, N. Christensen, & R. N. L. Andrews (Eds.), Environmental  Leadership: A Reference Handbook.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Graves, L. M., & Powell, G. N.  (2008).  Sex and race discrimination in personnel decisions.  In S. Cartwright and C. L. Cooper (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Personnel Psychology (pp. 438-463), Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Graves, L. M., Ohlott, P. J., & Ruderman, M. N.  (2007).  Commitment to family roles: Effects on managers’ attitudes and performance.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 44-56.

Graves, L.M., & Elsass, P.M.  (2005).  Sex and sex dissimilarity effects in ongoing teams: Some surprising findings.  Human Relations,  58(2), 191-221.

Powell, G. N., & Graves, L. M.  (2003).  Women and Men in Management (3rd edition).  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Elsass, P.M., & Graves, L.M. (1997).  Demographic diversity in decision making groups: The experiences of women and people of color.  Academy of Management Review, 22, 946-973.

Graves, L.M., & Powell, G.N. (1995).  The effect of sex similarity on recruiters' evaluations of actual applicants: A test of the similarity-attraction paradigm.  Personnel Psychology, 48, 85-98.

Graves, L.M., & Karren, R.J. (1992).  Interviewer decision processes and effectiveness: An experimental policy capturing investigation.  Personnel Psychology, 45 (2), 313-340.

Graves, L.M., & Powell, G.N. (1988).  An investigation of sex discrimination in recruiters' evaluations of actual applicants.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 73 (1), 20-29.