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The MS degree in physics is available to physics majors only. The degree involves a combination of graduate courses and a research thesis. Departmental research is focused in experimental and theoretical studies of condensed matter including magnetic and optical properties of solids, organic superconductivity, the dynamics of first order phase transitions, and the behavior of granular materials. Other research areas include theoretical plasma physics, energy technology and science education.

Program of study

Beginning in the senior year, students take at least four graduate-level physics courses that are approved by their faculty advisor. Courses at the 200-level or 300-level are eligible for graduate credit. Students must also prepare a written thesis, based on original research. Typically students will begin the research for their thesis no later than the fall of their senior year. Students conduct research working in close collaboration with faculty advisors and with doctoral students. On completion of the research, there is an oral defense of the research thesis.

Program Fees

Students are required to pay a one-time program fee of $1,000 which is assessed in the first semester of graduate study. Graduate students also pay a $15.00 activity fee in the fall and in the spring semesters and a one-time Enrollment Fee of $100 in the first semester of graduate study.

Program Advisor

The Accelerated Degree Program advisor can be contacted through the physics department office:
Room BP-241
Math/Physics Building
(508) 793-7169

Advice for prospective students

Students interested in the Accelerated Degree Program program in Physics should contact the undergraduate student advisor as early as possible in their undergraduate careers.

Post-degree opportunities

Students who successfully complete the program are in an excellent position to enter into a Ph.D. program in Physics or to obtain teaching or research positions.