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The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) is offered through the Graduate School of Management at Clark University. The Graduate School of Management strives to develop: 1) outstanding leaders and managers of society's enterprises; 2) through a high quality educational experience; 3) carried out in an innovative community of learning; 4) by a faculty oriented toward research and service.

Departmental eligibility requirements

The MSF program is open to students from any undergraduate major. Prerequisite courses are required. Prospective MSF students need to have completed ECON 010, ECON160/PSYC105 (or comparable statistics course), MATH 120, MGMT101 and MGMT240 with a grade of B- or higher prior to the start of their senior year (students can be enrolled in these courses in the semester that they are applying or can take them in the summer before their senior year). If a student places higher than MATH120 on the math placement exam, he/she should take a higher level math course to satisfy the math prerequisite. AP credit may count towards the Math prerequisite requirement. However, Clark's MSF degree is a very quantitative based program, and students are encouraged to take some quantitative courses during their undergraduate years to help them prepare if they have AP credit for the math prerequisite.

All GSOM accelerated degree students will be required to pay a $150 contingency fee upon their entrance of their 5th year. The contingency fee is refundable after students have completed their program provided they have a zero account balance.

Program of Study

10 units are required for the MSF program. Students Must have the availability in their senior year to take 3 units of MSF graduate courses.

Graduate courses students MUST take in the senior year include:

FIN5401 - Intro to Investment Analysis (1 unit - Fall)
FIN5309 - Financial Econometrics (1 unit - Fall)
FIN5216 - Computational Finance (1 unit - Spring)

Students then take the remaining units for the MSF degree in their 5th year

FIN5201 Corporate Finance (1 unit - Fall)
FIN5203 Investment Strategies (1 unit - Fall)
FIN5207 Advanced Derivatives (1 unit - Fall)
Elective (Accounting, Finance or Economics (1 unit - Fall)
*Students can choose to complete this elective in the spring of their year
FIN5310 - Case Studies in Derivatives (1 unit - Spring)
FIN5208 - Fixed Income Securities (1 unit - Spring)
Elective (Accounting, Finance or Economics (1 unit - Spring)

Every MSF student who does not have 3 or more years of full-time work experience is required to complete an internship prior to the completion of the graduate degree. GSOM has its own Career Services office, located in Carlson Hall, which assists with internship and job placement. Internships completed as an undergraduate cannot fulfill the MSF internship requirement. MSF students are encouraged to complete their internship requirement in the summer between their senior year and fifth year.

Program Fees

Students are required to pay a one-time Program Fee of $1,000 which is assesssed in the first semester of graduate study as well as aa one-time Enrollment Fee of $100 in the first semester of graduate study. Please see the program advisor for additional GSOM fees.

Program Advisor

Laura Burgess
Graduate School of Management

Student profiles

  • Artan Kucuku completed the MSF degree program and is currently working as a Staff II accountant for Ernst & Young in Boston (Banking and Asset Management Group)

  • Brock Tibert received his MSF degree and obtained a position as Analyst for Urban and Associates