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Master's in Public Administration


The Master of Arts in Public Administration (MPA) is offered by the College of Continuing and Professional Education (COPACE) at Clark University. The program is designed to develop and advance the managerial and analytical skills of those interested in careers in both public organizations and non-profit institutions. The goal is to develop administrators who can effectively address the varied managerial, economic and political aspects of public issues and programs. It also assists professionals from other fields who wish to make the transition to the administration of government, non-profit or other public institutions.

Departmental eligibility requirements

The MPA is open to students from any Clark undergraduate major. Because the MPA is designed as a professional program, students with fewer than three years of work experience are strongly recommended to complete a formal, one-semester internship with a required internship seminar.

Program of Study

The MPA involves 12 graduate courses, including both required foundation courses and electives. The required foundation courses are Information Systems Management and Technology, Issues and Cases in Public Administration, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Policy Analysis, Public Budgeting and Accounting, Research Methods and Strategies, and Capstone Practicum. During the senior year, students should concentrate on completing foundation courses and, where possible, to complete the internship. During the fifth year students must complete the remaining foundation courses and take their electives.

There are two prerequisites for those students pursuing the accelerated MPA and MSPC degree. These courses will be offered through the Graduate School of Management or through the College of Professional and Continuing Education.

These prerequisite courses are:

  • Management 101 - Principles of Accounting
  • Management 104 - Introduction to MIS

Program Fees

Students are required to pay a one-time Program Fee of $1,000 and a one-time Enrollment Fee of $100 which are both assesssed in the first semester of graduate study.

Program Advisor

Mary M. Piecewicz, MBA, MSPC, PMP

Advice for prospective students

The majority of students in the MPA degree program are working professionals. The teaching methods in the degree programs are geared toward adult learning styles and the classes are designed to be highly interactive and project-oriented. The program works best for students who are clear about their career goals and how the degree can help them attain their professional objectives.

Student profiles

Recent graduates from the program have included the following:

  • An undergraduate political science major who is working with a non-profit organization focused on housing the homeless.
  • An undergraduate art history major who is now working with a non-government organization in Peru.