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The Accelerated BA/MS Degree Program in Chemistry is designed for students interested in a career in chemistry or in secondary school science teaching. The program provides a mixture of coursework and original research with the emphasis on the student's research. The research areas offered include biochemistry, organic, environmental, physical, inorganic and analytical chemistry. The MS degree helps to prepare students for future careers in chemistry, whether at a university, industry, secondary school or other chemistry-related position.

Entry into the program

During their junior year, students contact a faculty member whose research interests mesh with their own (descriptions of Clark chemistry program faculty research interests are available on the web). With the consent of the faculty member, the student should then apply to the program. The program is open only to Clark chemistry majors.

Program of study

Beginning in the senior year, students take at least four graduate-level chemistry courses that are approved by their faculty advisor. Courses at the 300-level are eligible for graduate credit. Courses at the 200-level that are used to fulfill undergraduate required courses in the chemistry or biochemistry major cannot also be counted toward the MS degree. Recent students have taken courses such as Chem 231 (Advanced Organic Chemistry), Chem 236 (Organometallic Chemistry), Chem 266 (Biomolecular NMR), Chem 281 (Polymer Science), Chem 333 (Synthetic Organic Chemistry) and Chem 360 (Physical Chemistry). Students must also prepare a written thesis, based on original research. Typically students will begin the research for their thesis no later than the fall of their senior year. Students conduct research working in close collaboration with faculty advisors and with doctoral students. Students should plan to work full-time on their research both the summer before and the summer after their 5th year. On completion of the research, there is an oral defense of the research thesis.

Departmental eligibility requirements

The Master of Science in chemistry is open to undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry majors. Other undergraduate majors who complete the required courses in chemistry (Chem 101,102 or 103,131, 132 or 134, 260, 262 or 264, 140, 142 or 244, and 250) are also eligible for the program. All students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher in courses taken in mathematics and the natural sciences.

Program Fees

Students are required to pay a one-time program fee of $1,000 which is assessed in the first semester of graduate study. Graduate students also pay a $15.00 activity fee in the fall and in the spring semesters and a one-time Enrollment Fee of $100 in the first semester of graduate study.

Please note: Students who stay beyond the fifth year must register as a non-resident student and pay the $200/semester non-resident fee as well as a $500/semester lab fee. It is also important to note that ADP students are allowed one year of non-residency beyond the fifth year.

Program Advisor

Professor Luis Smith, Department Chair
Sackler Sciences Center, Room S134
Call the Chemistry Department at 508-793-7116

Student profiles

Students who have successfully completed the program have gone on to Ph.D. study and to medical school.

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