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Accelerated BA/Master's Degree Program

Current Clark students will find that the University's combined BA/Master's programs allow them to accelerate their studies, deepen their knowledge of a particular field and enhance their credentials for the job market. Furthermore, to encourage such accelerated study, students meeting eligibility requirements can earn a full-tuition scholarship (50% scholarship for transfer students) to cover their fifth year of study.

Students participating in the program begin taking graduate level courses during their senior year. These graduate courses provide academic credit toward completion of the bachelor's degree and fulfill some of the course requirements of the graduate degree. Eligible students are admitted into the graduate program of their choice upon receipt of the BA degree, and typically, in a fifth year of study complete the course requirements for the master's degree.

Accelerated Degree Programs

If you have questions...

If you are currently enrolled in the undergraduate program, you should direct any questions to the Academic Advising Office, LEEP Center, Dana Commons, (508) 793-7468. If you are currently enrolled in an accelerated graduate degree program, contact Denise Robertson, Graduate School Coordinator (508) 793-7676).