Health Insurance

Massachusetts State Law mandates that all full-time students must purchase the school sponsored health plan or show proof of comparable coverage in an alternative health plan in order to enroll in Massachusetts colleges and universities.


For 2017-2018, Clark University will offer a student health insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts at an annual cost of $1,679, covering the full year. Students entering in the spring semester will be charged approximately half of this fee.

If you will be enrolling in this student health insurance plan, you will need to formally enroll online.


Domestic students

If a student has an alternate health plan with comparable coverage, the student may request a waiver and have the health insurance charges removed from his or her bill. Note that the annual cost for the student health insurance plan will be charged to your account until you fill out a waiver form online. You must submit your waiver form by the deadline, or you will be responsible for the charges.

Domestic Student Health Insurance Waiver Form

Please note that the alternate health plan must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for the waiver:

  • The plan must provide to the student reasonable comprehensive coverage of health services, including preventive and primary care, emergency services, hospitalization benefits, ambulatory patient services, and mental health services throughout the school year.
  • The services covered under the alternate health plan must be reasonably accessible for all health services to the student in the area where the student attends school. In addition, a school may not waive participation for students with coverage from insurance carriers outside the U.S. and coverage by foreign National Health Service programs.

International students

In order to ensure that international students have access to healthcare and to maintain compliance with Massachusetts laws requiring students to participate in a Qualifying Student Health Plan, international students are not able to waive the student health insurance plan as part of the online registration process but will instead need to complete a written waiver request.

In order to waive the student health insurance plan, international students need to complete a written waiver request form, submit documentation showing their plan's benefits and coverage and provide a copy of a valid health insurance card. Requests for a waiver will be reviewed by the Health Insurance Appeal Committee.

Waivers for international students will only be allowed under limited circumstances:

  • The student has embassy-sponsored health insurance with benefits comparable to the Clark student health insurance plan.
  • The student has comparable health insurance through their spouse's health insurance plan.
  • The student has comparable health insurance provided through a US-based employer.

Please note that coverage by insurance carriers outside of the United States or coverage by foreign National Health Service programs is not acceptable. Please also be aware that international student health insurance plans made available by firms such as Compass Benefits Group, PSI, etc. do not provide adequate benefits and cannot be used to waive the Student Health Insurance Program requirement.

Because health insurance in the United States is often very different from many other countries, it can be difficult for international students to understand why their insurance is not adequate and why they need to purchase additional insurance through the student health insurance plan. If you have any questions or concerns about the waiver procedure, please email Rachel White

International Student Health Insurance Waiver Information

International Student Health Insurance Waiver Appeal Form

Are state-subsidized plans available to graduate students?

Depending on income, graduated students may be eligible to enroll in subsidized plans through the state's healthcare program. Students who are enrolled in a subsidized health plan through the Health Connector or MassHealth (excluding MassHealth Limited, the Health Safety Net, or the Children’s Medical Security Plan) may waive the Clark student health insurance requirement. Membership in all following subsidized programs currently offered through the Health Connector or MassHealth are among those that are now considered comparable under state regulations:

  • CommonwealthCare
  • ConnectorCare
  • MassHealth
  • Network Health Extend (formerly the Medical Security Program)

To determine if you are eligible for any of the subsidized plans, please visit Please note that in most situations international students will not be eligible for state-subsidized insurance plans.

Does the student health insurance plan include dental coverage?

No, the plan does not provide dental coverage, however a separate dental plan is available for an additional charge.

Information about optional dental coverage

Does the student insurance plan include vision coverage?

The plan provides one routine vision exam per 24 months, but more comprehensive vision coverage may be purchased separately.

Information about optional vision coverage

What options are available to my dependents?

Clark University does not offer coverage for dependents of students; however, two options for dependent coverage include the following:

Commonwealth Care (not for international dependents)

For more information, start at and follow the instructions for applying for Commonwealth Care.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts

For more information go to or call 800-422-3545 for assistance.