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Student Employment Overview

Please note the following information pertains to undergraduate students only. Graduate students with questions about job placement should contact their individual departments; graduate students with questions about paperwork, pay dates, etc. should contact Lynne St. George at 508-793-7438 or Barbara Kokoski at 508-793-7641 in the payroll office.

The Clark University Student Employment Program consists of two categories of job opportunities for students:

  • Federal Work Study Program (FWS)
    The Federal Work Study Program is a federally funded financial aid program administered by the Office of Financial Assistance. The goals of work study are to assist students in contributing to their college costs as well as to provide opportunities for practical experiences that supplement classroom activities. It is important to note that an offer of work study is not a guarantee of that amount, but rather a limit of potential earnings. Clark University does not guarantee a student will earn his/her full allotment nor does it guarantee a job opportunity.

    Potential earnings may not be deducted from a student’s bill prior to being earned. Students who are offered work study are not obligated to work. Some Clark students earn all of their allotments, some just part of their allotments, and still others choose not to work on campus. If a student is having difficulty finding employment on campus, the student should go to the Office of Financial Assistance for guidance. Students receive pay for actual hours worked that can be used for books, supplies, personal expenses, or saved for future billed charges.

  • Non-Work Study. Under this program, Clark University offers opportunities for students who are not eligible for employment under FWS to seek on-campus employment.

The Office of Financial Assistance coordinates both programs during the fall/spring terms and summer break.